Bike loan

The PTA has a bike lane that goes around practically the entire grounds. The PTA has introduced a free bike-loan system that is available to companies who have set up at the Park. This means that workers can make the journeys they need to within the Park hassle-free. The loan-system lasts for a year, and automatically renews unless cancelled.

General Conditions

  1. The Bike-loan system is free once the joining fee (deposit) has been paid. The deposit is paid in advance and is €50 per bike.
  2. The use of loan-bikes is solely for businesses at the PTA.
  3. You can sign up via the PTA’s Infrastructure Department.
  4. The deposit should be paid before signing the agreement.
  5. The loan-system lasts for a year after signing, and automatically renews unless cancelled by either party.


Bike   Download here the bike lane map


Contact: Fernando Garrido