Get started at the PTA

Open to anybody with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, the PTA is an ideal location for any person or team wishing to launch an innovative business project. For this purpose, there are a series of key players whose main objective is to help entrepreneurs find their way in the business world.


This is the first step in the PTA's business development model. The aim of the pre-incubators is to help entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to begin the adventure of setting up their company and getting everything working.

There are two main pre-incubators at the PTA:

Business Development Support Centre

The Business Development Support Centre, belonging to the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, has a team of specialists qualified in creating and providing business development services to support all kinds of entrepreneurs and companies; offering IT services, training, expert technical advice, help in searching for funding and business accommodation in industrial units and offices for innovative and/or employment-generating projects.

Phone: 951 92 09 60



University of Málaga

The University of Málaga, through the vice-chancellorship of University - Business Relations, encourages the entrepreneurial activity of our students, promoting the setting-up of new innovative companies resulting in products or processes that are truly competitive with the consequent generation of employment and the expansion and modernisation of the pre-existing production structures in our province.

From the Company Creation Unit, the SPIN-OFF programme was developed, which supports the development of initiatives by professors, researchers and alumni who, as individuals or in a group, decide to create a company by applying their developments to the market.

In this unit, they will receive the necessary advice in terms of business management, setting up a business, searching for financing and all the help needed for the development of these business projects.

Phone: 952 13 10 00




Incubators allow the continuation of the journey initiated in the pre-incubation phase, although it is not obligatory to have taken this first step to gain access to its services. The main goal of an incubator is to foster the life of the company in its first few years of activity, with a view to ensuring its effective consolidation.

The PTA offers the following incubation services:

European Business and Innovation Centre of Málaga Bic Euronova

The Bic Euronova European Business and Innovation Centre of Málaga, pioneer in the PTA, supports the creation of SMEs and encourages the implementation of new innovative activities in existing SMEs, covering the areas of creating businesses, incubation and consulting.

Phone: 951 01 05 04




The Municipal Company for Business Initiatives and Activities in Málaga (PROMALAGA CW), founded by Málaga City Council, encompasses promotional activities, business implementation and development via its network of incubators, promoting economic and social activity. It provides business management services, offers lodging and incubation to entrepreneurs.

Phone: 951 01 46 66



Training and Incubation Centre and Technology and Science Centre

The Training and Incubation Centre and the Technology and Science Centre, belonging to the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, offer a wide range of services related to incubation and training in new technologies and offer training programs for entrepreneurs on a national and international level.

This centre also allows entrepreneurs from other international parks with which the PTA has signed collaborative agreements to set up, especially companies that undertake innovative activities in the biotechnological and industrial sectors.

All entrepreneurs who have set up at the PTA can obtain free legal, business, accounting and tax advice for a year. These centres have three distinct zones or areas in which business activity can be carried out: a training area, made up of four fully-equipped rooms; a business area, availing of offices that are fully-prepared for business activity to be carried out; and an incubation area, with laboratories and warehouses ready for research and business activities.

PTA-UMA Building

Of all the incubation and pre-incubation activities which are carried out at the PTA, the creation of the PTA‐UMA Building on the Teatinos campus of the University of Málaga stands out. This building was planned from the start as an on-campus expansion of the PTA, managed by the Park, which would house companies and entrepreneurs coming from the academic environment and national and international research groups.