One of the PTA’s and its companies’ ingredients for success is the business development model that has been applied at the Park since it opened. An entrepreneurial culture and a tradition of ongoing enterprise are fundamental to the sustainability of the business development model that has been created at the PTA; the entrepreneurs that started off in the business incubators and pre-incubators have become, in many cases, much larger companies who continue to carry out their activity at the PTA.

On the one hand, this model facilitates the creation and consolidation of new companies, with the help of various institutions that encourage entrepreneurial activity, whilst on the other hand, different set-up options are provided to those companies who are already established and who want to have a presence at the Málaga technological complex.

There are numerous organisations that promote business development through their various centres, thus contributing to the creation of innovative companies (pre-incubators) as well as helping their development and consolidation (incubators).

Currently, the PTA houses more than one-hundred companies run by entrepreneurs and already has more than 17,800 square metres dedicated to the promotion of this activity through the following centres:

  • Bic Euronova, European Business and Innovation Centre of Málaga overseen by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment.
  • CADE also belongs to the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment.
  • Promalaga CW and Promalaga Centiex, belonging to Málaga City Council.
  • The University of Málaga (UMA) is the HQ for spin-off projects.
  • The PTA’s Training and Incubation Centre and Technology and Science Centre.