PTA International Network


The Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, S.A., collaborates with various entities via the signing of agreements with the main objective of trying to stimulate and encourage business, industrial and technological relations between Andalucia and international organisations.

This involves identifying and stimulating innovative projects that increase the supply of goods, processes and services, as well as generating new opportunities for co-operation in these markets, thereby promoting business co-operation with foreign entities.

Main organisations with which the PTA has collaboration agreements:

  • Bruxelles Technopol (Belgium)
  • IASP, International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation
  • Oulu Technology Park (Finland)
  • PTA, Cartuja 93 (Seville) and Innopoli Technological Park (Finland)
  • The Innovation Park of the University of Budapest INNOTECH (Hungary)
  • Haagse Hogeschool [The Hague University of Applied Sciences] (Holland)
  • Technopolis CSTA Novus Ortus, Bari (Italy)
  • Nanjing New & High Technology and Development Zone (China)
  • Shanghai Caohejing Hi – Tech Park (China)
  • Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park (China)
  • Parque Cibernético de Santo Domingo [Santo Domingo Cybernetic Park] (Dominican Republic)
  • SUPERA, Ribeirão Preto Innovation and Technology Park (Brazil)
  • Science and Technology Park of the Pontificia Universidad Católica do Río Grande do Sul TECNOPUC (Brazil)
  • Fundación Parque Tecnológico Ítaipu [Ítaipu Technology Park Foundation] (Brazil)
  • Porto Digital Technological Park (Recife, Brazil)
  • Sapiens Park S.A (Florianópolis, Brazil)
  • Âgencia de Desenvolmiento e Inovação de Guarulhos [Guarulhos Development and Innovation Agency] (Brazil)
  • Tangier Free Zone, TFZ (Morocco)
  • Casablanca Technopark (Morocco)
  • Tetuanshore Park (Morocco)
  • Collaboration agreement with the Agency for the Promotion of Industry (API), Tunisia
  • Incheon Technological Park (Korea)
  • Biocolombia S.A (Colombia)
  • Colombia Technology Parks Agreement: Antioquia, El Caribe, La Sabana – Zona Franca, Carlos Vélez Pombo, Guatigará and Universidad San Buenaventura in Cali.
  • PTLC Centre Litoral Technological Park S.A.M.P.E.M (Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Misiones Technological Park (Posadas Misiones, Argentina)
  • Parque Austral, Científico, Tecnológico y Empresarial [Austral Scientific, Technological and Business Park] (Argentina)
  • Asociación Venezolana de Parques Tecnológicos e Incubadoras de Empresas [Venezuelan Association of Technological Parks and Business Incubators] ASORPATEC
  • Sartenas Technological Park (Venezuela)
  • Solarium Technological Park (Costa Rica)
  • International Technopark of Panama
  • Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Capacitación de Telecomunicaciones, INCITEL [National Institute of Communications Research and Training] (Lima, Peru)
  • Asociación Científico Tecnológica Technopark IDI [Scientific Association IDI Technology Park] (Lima, Peru)
  • Gobierno Provincial Autónomo de El Oro [Autonomous Provincial Government of El Oro] (Ecuador)
  • Parque de Investigación e Innovación Tecnológica de Nuevo León PIIT [Nuevo Leon Research and Technological Innovation Park] (México)
  • Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, UAEM