The PTA will implement cooperation activities with the Technology Park of Skolkovo from Moscow


Through this agreement actions promoting knowledge and cooperation in projects and activities of common interest will be implemented

The Technology Park of Andalucía (PTA) and the Technology Park of Skolkovo (Moscow) will realize actions of cooperation to benefit from the mutual understanding of the activities and projects carried out by both entities, as well as by companies and institutions they host.

The agreement was materialized during the visit of the director of the PTA, Felipe Romera, to the Park of Skolkovo, where an agreement was signed with its CEO, Renat Batyrov, accompanied by representatives and technicians of both technological spaces.

Through this agreement actions promoting knowledge and cooperation in projects and activities of common interest will be implemented. In addition, participation in business missions, seminars, training sessions, conferences and all kinds of public events organized by either of these two spaces will be considered.

Among the points of actions of the agreement, the possibility of using infrastructures or facilities to provide support to companies willing to implement their activities in the Russian or Spanish markets are foreseen; the development of networks of contacts, as well as potential partners or customers; consulting services; connection with local investors; support for access to laboratories and other research resources; exchange and dissemination of information related to new technologies, trends of the market, etc.

Other actions included within the cooperation of the PTA with Skolkovo is the promotion and development of activities to support the internationalization of enterprises; to encourage visits of delegations in the field of advanced technologies; or to report activities and establish of new businesses.

Previously, the PTA had already made contacts with Russia, to promote the development of joint actions and to facilitate the establishment of businesses in both countries. The PTA develops other cooperation agreements with parks in Morocco, Argentina and Portugal, in order to increase the visibility of their actions and a mutual understanding with international entities.

The agreement signed by the PTA is part of the line of internationalization of the Park, which promote the establishment of collaborative links more fluids that provide to its companies "softlanding" services, exchange of information, cooperation in research, promotion of establishment of companies, etc.