REWE at the PTA, a story of Malaga talent and German wisdom


REWE at the PTA

The German retail giant opens a division at the PTA as a result of its experience working with students from Malaga

The arrival of REWE at the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA) proves the importance of investing in talent and gives true meaning to the term synergy.

REWE is an important chain of supermarkets in Germany with a growing international presence and that strongly invests in innovation. REWE Systems is the group’s division that specialises in systems and development. Its global headquarters are based in Cologne and for over a year it has an operational centre at the PTA. The branch office can be found in the CITIC building, located in the lands that form part of the northern extension of the park. It is from here that the brand oversees the performance of all informatic systems within the REWE group.

How did REWE arrive to the PTA?

The story of REWE’s arrival at the PTA begins 12 years ago with an exchange programme between the IES Campanillas and a German school in the city of Cologne. IES Campanillas is a school that is integrated in the compound of the Andalusia Technology Park and offers special Dual and Bilingual Professional Training. The dual training focuses its efforts on intensifying the relationship between training of and business demands for qualified professionals. A training method to which the PTA has committed various initiatives and that is centred on providing internships in companies during the length of the students’ studies.

What if students on Malaga’s IES Campanillas FP training were to make the most of their exchange programme in Cologne and undertake an internship in a German company such as REWE? This is precisely how the idea came about for the German multinational to set up camp at the PTA: its fantastic experience working with the students of the centre, recognising in them an unmistakable opportunity for the future of the company. All this young and qualified human capital with a strong capacity to learn deserved to be recognised and thus REWE Systems  opened a branch in Malaga.

Rewe Systems’ team in the PTA is constituted primarily of IES Campanillas alumni who have completed their higher professional training in web and app development. They now form a young team with a hunger for perpetual improvement and with a future within the company. From the PTA, they handle some of REWE’s more important functional areas, such as systems development and operations, SAP, commercial systems, and central services