German company Rindus finds a pool of talent at the PTA


Rolf C. Zipf. Rindus. PTA

The software company hope to continue growing within the PTA in the coming years

Since its foundation in 2017, Rindus sees the PTA as a pool of talent and a prime technical training hub. CEO and founder Rolf C. Zipf and managing partner Dominikus Schweighart underline the importance of human capital found at the Malaga technopolis:

“In Germany and in many other European countries there is much demand for superior and bright talents - of which we can find plenty at the PTA.”

Since its foundation, Rindus has expanded its team by adding on average 3 new members every month and has undertaken a diverse range of projects.

What is your vision of the workforce at the PTA?

“For us, people come first. We firmly believe that if we focus in a profound way on people and their needs, if we treat them with respect and a genuine appreciation for their individuality, if we give them space to grow both professionally and personally, if we listen closely to what they have to say, we can reach desired outcomes. By giving profound and honest meaning to the project work of the members on our team, by giving our workers a true reason to stay with us, ultimately our clients are the beneficiaries as we provide them with highly motivated teams and the best technological solutions on the market.”

What are Rindus’ expectations for the future?

“Our goal is to grow significantly within the PTA, maybe duplicating the number of members on our team by the end of 2019. In Germany and in many other European countries there is great demand for the superior talent that can be found at the PTA. Our mission is to bring in a maximum amount of projects and to provide space for personal growth for the greatest possible number of technological talents. Rindus has been able to make the most of the opportunities for technology transfer offered by the PTA by importing advanced technological projects to Andalusia and creating a suitable environment for the professional development of local technological talent.”

Rindus Technology’s main clients are German companies, both large corporations and small up-and-coming companies. These companies need developers that are hard to come by in Germany given the extremely high demand for such profiles. This is where Rindus comes into play with its office strategically located at the PTA to hire new talent.

How do you see Malaga regarding its access to human capital?

“We are in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, with the best quality of life, and we can easily recruit the best employees in the continent and ask them to transfer to Malaga. Moreover, the PTA is a magnet that attracts the best talents in the country: over two thirds of Rindu’s employees are from Andalusia and Spain.”