The PTA is leading a European project to support innovation in SMEs


The Technological Park of Andalusia (PTA) has welcomed the launched and presentation of the European project In-Business Growth of the programme 2020 Horizon, that will allow to create new services and tools to support innovation in SMEs.

The University of Algarve (Portugal), through its Division of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer, the Regional Development Company of Kainuu (Finland), the Bulgarian Development Agency (Bulgaria) and the PTA (Spain) will be the entities that will support this project, which intend to review the design and implementation of support programs for SMEs innovation practices.

For twelve months, the project partners and stakeholders will work on the analysis of the current situation, the creation of a guide of good practices and the establishment of a new methodology for innovative work that may be transferred to any agent of innovation with the desire to improve the growth and development of SMEs.

Representatives of the companies that drive this initiative have gathered in the PTA, along with the director of the technopolis, Felipe Romera, and the Vice Rector of Strategic Projects of the UMA, Victor Muñoz in order to present this initiative.

The In-Business Growth project is the result of an analysis done by the partners and stakeholders involved in the proposal, who have detected the real needs of SMEs, based on current figures regarding the failure of SMEs in many countries, indicating that on average, 80% did not get five of existence and 90% got less than 10 years.

As stated by the project partners in this regard, it may be due to several external and internal factors such as the lack of institutional support, lack of support programs for SMEs, the few sources of funding, excessive government control, high taxes and others.

“Small and medium enterprises are the main actors facilitating growth and job creation, needed to revive the economy”, the director of the Malaga Technopolis has pointed out.

“Aware of this diagnosis, it is essential to develop strategic methodologies for this purpose at national and international level, that can be applied effectively to adequately address the real needs detected. In this regard, the importance of diversification and internationalization of the business for SMEs should be considered as a priority in their strategic plans” Romera assured

Project partners also attended the Forum Transfer to be held during this Wednesday and Thursday in Málaga.