A delegation from Technology Park in Moscow visit PTA


Last Thursday; July 9, 2015, we had the visit of, Vadim Gusev, director of the Technology Park in Moscow, Florent Godin, President of Conceptum Group, and Ines Moreno Cortés, General director of  Conceptum Group.

The journey started with a meeting in one of the building belonging to the Town Hall with Isabel Pascual. The meeting was conducted successfully and with great interest on both sides. Secondly, the visit continued in the PTA with representatives of the IASP; the director Luis Sanz, RETA and from PTA; Sonia Palomo and Felipe Romera. Ines Moreno presented the main ideas of Conceptum Group in the reunion and their desire for future projects and collaboration with the park.

To finish the day, representatives of the park went along with the delegates of Conceptum Group through a tour of the entire complex that covers the PTA.