Andalusia as an attractive region of Spain for Russian direct investment


The Head of Investment Promotion of Andalusia, the Director of the Andalusian Trade & Investment Office in Moscow, a Delegation of the top three Andalusian top technology parks including the PCT Cartuja in Sevilla, the PITA in Almeria and the PTA in Malaga, as well as a Russian legal expert in international investment presented the most strategic investment opportunities in Moscow, last 23rd of September 2016.

For companies interested in that market, Russia is a macro market in constant evolution, without preset preferences on the origin of the products and services, opportunity-oriented and very permeable to any type of offer, but always keeping very present the offered quality and the seriousness in the fulfilment of commitments. Once they become habitual, they will see that this is a market of great fidelity in relationships. The wide and varied range of Andalusian products/services that demand the Russian market in practically all the sectors of the economy, both in the commercial sector and in the sectors of industry, energy, investment, tourism...

The seminar focused on the presentation of Andalusia and its trade relations with Russia, the investment potential of Andalusia for Russia and the characteristics and competitive advantages of technology parks in Spain, and in particular in Andalucia and the opportunities to establish a company in Spain.