The British Chamber of Commerce in Spain and the PTA collaborate to attract British companies to the technopolis


The Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (PTA) and the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain put together a conference aimed at attracting British companies to invest in the Malaga technopolis.

The event took place at the PTA with close to fifty business owners and entrepreneurs both Spanish and British alike. Primarily to make them aware of some of the competitive advantages that the PTA offer to foreign companies that set up on their premises. 

The president of the PTA,J osé Luis Ruiz Espejo, pointed out that the objective of the this business meeting is simply to keep improving and growing the international relations of the PTA. Undoubtedly the PTA has a clear international appeal, not only to attract foreign companies and multinational corporations to our site in order to generate development and employment but also to facilitate for the companies that form part of our network of businesses the possibility, the contacts and the necessary means to do business on an international level.

“We hope that this first meeting with the British Chamber of Commerce may be the first part of a long and fruitful relationship that will allow us to increase the arrival of British firms to our Park or to open new business connections with the Islands (Balearic and Canaries) for our companies, as well as the development of joint commercial ventures and participation in events of mutual interest,” added Ruiz Espejo.

Above all it is a step in the direction of continuing to advance and develop new markets, and to continue generating opportunities for our companies and at the same time keep attracting new businesses to Malaga and Andalucia, concluded the President of the PTA.

From his point of view, Derek Langley, the Regional Vice President of the British Chamber of Commerce, indicated that this event is very important because it signals the beginning of collaboration between two entities that would help attract investment in the PTA.

Belinda Coombes, Director of UKTI in Madrid, Felipe Romera, Director of the PTA; Rafael Fuentes, Provincial Director of Commerce for ICEX and Invest in Spain; Elena Gallego, Invest in Andalucia; Marc Sanderson, Director of International Economic Devolopment for Malaga Town Hall; Vicente Padilla, CEO of Aertec Solutions and Guy Warren, CEO of ITRS among others also participated in the meeting.

The British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, with whom the PTA have collaborated to create this event, boast more than 250 business partners amongst which there are some of the biggest representatives from Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as a significant number of PYMEs.

On its behalf the PTA, defines itself as a high quality space for the establishment of technological businesses, startups, PYMEs and large multinational corporations, which, asides from space and services adapted to businesses’ needs also offers extremely competitive prices, highly qualified staff and a fluid relationship with research organizations and the University of Malaga.

The conference has also addressed some of the main reasons to invest in Spain and especially in the PTA, as well as other aspects related to the establishment of businesses in the park, the selection of personnel and the Spanish tax system.

To conclude, the Malaga-based company Aertec Solutions and the British ITRS, have proven as examples of the businesses who work in the United Kingdom as well as the PTA describing their experience of working in both environments and the reasons and support they have found in this process.

Vidente Padrilla, CEO of Aertec solutions, has outlined: the daily flights from Malaga airport to both smaller and larger cities in the U.K, the open mentality of the British businesses as well as the appeal of the Costa del Sol where our headquarters are located, as very favorable for businesses from Malaga who want to develop their international presence in two markets, Spain and England, and from where they have an opportunity to access the rest of the world. Our experience, with one seat in Malaga and the other in Bristol, has also been extremely positive, they are perfectly connected and it has enabled us to project a continually stronger international image in the countries in which we operate.

Guy Warren, CEO of ITRS, has signaled that Malaga is one of the most promising centers in Europe for technology and innovation. Warren commented that with more than 600 established companies in the park, including businesses as big as Oracle, IMM and Ericsson, we know that we have to be part of the PTA.

“Equally, as with any successful business, proximity to talent is very important, with the support of our services, and those of the University, we are hoping to unite forces in order to ensure that our new plan to expand will be a reality in 2015,” concluded Warren.