Dutch high-tech software firm Cordis invests 500k€ in R&D centre in Malaga PTA


Cordis was founded in the year 2000 in the high-tech Brainport region in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Brainport is one of Europe’s leading technology regions, regarded worldwide as a centre for high technology innovation.

Cordis develops and offers a Graphical Model-Driven Software development platform, called ‘Cordis Suite’. The Cordis Suite is an award-winning software development tool for high-tech mechatronic control systems. The tool meets all software requirements of Industry 4.0.

The Cordis Suite solutions provide a Model-Based embedded software development and simulation environment with a built-in automatic code generator for different targets. The embedded software model is exactly implemented by the generated code without any ambiguity. A graphical design of the control system enables the team to focus on software design instead of programming the code. This will result in first-time-right software control systems that will be built in a much shorter lead time.

The software has been proven in many different domains e.g. advanced medical equipment or high-tech 3D printers, agricultural machinery and fully automated production plants, along with infrastructural systems such as bridges and tunnels or control systems inside buildings (smart buildings).

By designing software graphically, the Cordis Suite is being used by all engineering disciplines to design the software system and behavior. This bridges the gap between software developers and other engineering disciplines.

The choice for Malaga to host the R&D activities of the company has been chosen carefully. The presence of a Technical University, a good connected city, a thriving technological and innovative area, facilitated by the Technological Park with over 600 companies based. We strongly believe Malaga is an emerging technological centre quite similar to the Eindhoven Brainport area in The Netherlands where Cordis headquarters is based; this is precisely what we need in order to get the Cordis Suite to the next level.

The office will be directed by Jaime Mahillo, an Andalusian engineer with 15 years of experience in different technology sectors such as Defence & Aerospace: “After 5 years in Cambridge (UK) I was thinking about coming back to Andalucía but I couldn’t find the right project. It wasn’t until I met Cordis and knew about its technology that I decided to move back. Not only we have a great team, our technology is unique and I am looking forward to starting to grow the team in Malaga and find new ways of using the Cordis Suite we may not even think about now. When other companies keep talking about Industry 4.0 as a thing of the future for Cordis and our clients it is the present”.

Our technology and approach is recognized as unique within the market and our success is now resulting in growth. We’re investing to boost momentum and we’re looking to grow our team. We are looking for Software Developers who can help us drive Model-Driven software development revolution, in particular developers with C# experience.

Curious about Cordis Suite and what it can bring to your business? Please have a look at www.cordis-suite.com . Would like to talk to us on business opportunities or you want to join the team, please feel free and contact Jaime Mahillo jaime.mahillo@cordis-suite.com.