The principles of Circular Economy are discussed in the Summer Courses


Last 17th and 18th July, the Summer Course about The Principles of Circular Economy took place, coordinated by the University of Málaga and the Technology Park of Andalucía. Víctor M. Muñoz, Vice-Chancellor for Strategic Projects of the UMA, directed this course, which offered an approximation to this new economic model.

Several experts participated in this course, who shared their opinions about the topic and about its business possibilities and applications in production. The course aimed to eliminate the current model of linear economy, in which raw materials are obtained, produced and then waste is generated, in order to adopt the circular economy model. The Circular Economy’s purpose is to generate no waste, due to the fact that every waste of a process can be reused in another process. “There are models in the planet that in 2050 will use up all resources and in 2100 no resources will remain,” claimed the Vice-Chancellor in the inauguration of the course.

Mr. Muñoz has assured that the recent Action Plan for Circular Economy of the European Union has fostered the movement: “Circular Economy is being implemented mainly in agriculture, where more waste can be converted into raw materials, and also in electronic industry, although facing more problems. The EU is really worried about water and plastics, the main sectors where they want to implement this model.”

During the first day, several speeches and a round table focused on politics took place, with specialist from the Government and Junta de Andalucía, among others. In the second day, the course focused more on a practical part, with different workshops by professors from the University of Málaga. During this day, Radu M. Giurgiu, from the MELiSSA Foundation, gave a speech about the projects and research carried out by the foundation.