Exchange of experience in international cooperation


Since several months, the President of ANPROTEC, the Brazilian Association of Business Incubators and Science Park, is realizing a practical training and post-doctoral learning in management of science and technology parks at the Technology Park of Andalucia, S.A. (PTA).

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the Ministry of Education of Brazil, in collaboration with ANPROTEC, are developing a training program for managers of innovation areas in Brazil, with stays from 6 months to 1 year abroad in scientific and technology parks belonging to the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) in the world. At this time 14 managers, with PhD, from areas of innovation in Brazil are doing stays in cities such as Malaga, Barcelona and Alicante in Spain, North Carolina and Chicago in the United States, Beijing in China and Cambridge in England.

Prof. Dr. Jorge Audy, President of ANPROTEC, has been for 6 months developing his post-doctorate in Malaga and others cities. In the case of the PTA, its director Felipe Romera and the Deputy Director of international relations and technology transfer, Sonia Palomo are supporting him, as well as the IASP (Luis Sanz) and APTE, the Association of science and technology parks of Spain (Soledad Diaz), from March until August. In this period he has been able to visit the main science and technology parks of Europe (Spain, England, China, Holland, France and Sweden) to meet objectives related to the internationalization of innovation areas, the definition of a model of governance for the TECNOPUC (science and technology park of PUCRS, Porto Alegre, Brazil), recording on thematic areas and ecosystems of innovation and on the impacts in the area of innovation in the universities. The intention of establishing a greater participation between the PTA, APTE and IASP in the actions of Anprotec was another of the aims, as well as between the University of Malaga and the Pontifical Catholic University of Brasil (PUCRS) where Jorge Audy works as Vice-Rector of Research, Innovation and Development.

This activity of international cooperation is part of the strategy of the Technology Park of Andalusia with the University of Malaga in the development of the "Green Ray project that aims to educate global entrepreneurs capable of competing at international scale, and also, will serve to deepen the current cooperation between Spanish and Brazilian technology parks to continue to expand horizons of cooperation and strengthen networks of support.