The EU-JAPAN NEWS talks about the visit of the Japan Patent Office to the PTA last March


Since a long time ago the Technology Park of Andalucía (PTA) has been working with international markets to foster the development of technological communication and cooperation networks amongst the different entities that comprise it, thereby permitting the transfer of technological knowledge and the promotion of business collaboration in an ever-more international sphere.


In this respect, our relations with Japan have increased in recent years. Fruit of this growing interest, a recent visit by a delegation from the Japan Patent Office to the facilities of the Technology Park of Andalusia (PTA) has been promoted and published in the newsletter of the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial cooperation, located in Brussels. In particular, several members of the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of the Japanese Government visited the Technology Park of Andalucia-PTA, in Spain, to grasp the trend of innovation in PTA and the science parks around the world.


The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is a unique venture between the European Commission and the Japanese Government. It aims at promoting all forms of industrial, trade and investment cooperation between the EU and Japan and at improving EU and Japanese companies’ competitiveness and cooperation by facilitating exchanges of experience and know-how between EU and Japanese businesses.