Kamstrup’s team of development engineers has settled in Malaga's PTA


The company, that supplies smart energy and water metering solutions, has inaugurated its new office space in the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (PTA) where a team of development engineers will be working on software technology.

The development team will consist of four development engineers who will be working with Kamstrup’s micro services architecture, among other things. Apart from Malaga, Kamstrup has development teams working with software in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Ukraine.

Kamstrup is a supplier of smart metering solutions with advanced technology e.g. for large utilities. In that regard, the company wants to invest in its R&D to continue developing products, which makes the PTA environment the perfect environment. The team will employ agile development where the platform is based on a micro service architecture, and the foundation will be built on modern technologies such as Azure, .NET and REACT.

”We are very pleased to have opened a development office in Malaga and we are very satisfied with our new Spanish colleagues. Software development is a central part of Kamstrup’s R&D, and it is a challenge to keep finding employees with the right competences. In Malaga, we see a huge potential in the university students. Therefore, it is a huge advantage for us to work closely with the university,” says Hans Christian Jørgensen, Head of Data Analytics and UX Design and Danish team leader of the team in Malaga.

The PTA offers a high-quality location where businesses can be innovative and focus on advanced services and R&D. Kamstrup’s office is located in the Green Ray building on university grounds. Software development is an essential part of Kamstrup’s R&D strategy. Kamstrup considers working close to the students as a huge advantage and a potential for gaining new competent software developers to the Kamstrup team. That way, Kamstrup can stay ahead with the best developers and the newest technology.

About Kamstrup

Kamstrup is a world-leading supplier of energy and water metering solutions. Our solutions support utilities and are also applied in properties with individual metering. For 70 years, we have delivered reliable, cost-effective ways to measure and manage energy and water consumption worldwide. By anticipating our customers’ challenges, we enable them to run a better business and inspire smarter, more responsible solutions for the communities they serve. Our solutions include consumption meters, smart metering systems, hosting and services, analytics and smart grid applications. All products are produced with the highest certifications for environmental safety and quality in our automated production facilities in Denmark. www.kamstrup.com