"Our actions will make the difference" Oracle Rocks for Water to take place next September, 29.


Rosa Gómez de Tejada explains how Oracle Rocks for Water is taking place in Málaga for five years in a row.

OracleRocks celebrates its 5th Anniversary this year. When and why did Oracle Rocks come up? 

Oracle Malaga is an international hub, people move here from other countries for business and a new life so, willing to be part of Malaga’s life.

For this reason there is a number of employees organizing sport activities and cultural or social events to help our colleagues integrate into Spanish society and feel more a part of the communities in which we live.

This is called Oracle Malaga Beyond Work and I am part of it.

At some point in 2012 our colleague Jessy Werthle, who had her own band called ‘Jessy and the Ellison’s Boys’, proposed the creation of a Music Club with the aim just to be together and spend some time playing music.

I registered myself as a Vocalist with so many doubts, as I never had played in front of an audience, but finally I decided to join. It was fun.

Afterwards we started talking about the possibility of organizing a concert, something small, just for some friends, no pretension.

Then the idea to do it for charity came in, asking people to pay a few euros to see us and give that money to someone in need.

At that point, our colleague Tanya Perdigao, who also joined the Music Club, introduced us the NGOD Pozos sin Fronteras, as she was collaborating with them, organizing charity trips to Morocco to know more about their projects of cooperation for development… And we decided to do it for them.


So, next step, we needed a venue for our concert. We started to ask here and there and Marc Sanderson, from Malaga Valley, offered us the possibility to play at Gibralfaro Castle.

Malaga Town Hall ceded us the use of the Castle for free.


Gibralfaro Castle!!... we were amazed and scared at the same time, having Gibralfaro Castle as a venue for our humble charity concert plenty of good intentions was not expected at all!! … things seemed to become serious so we had to be at that level and offer something good.


So, full of motivation and illusion, Tanya and myself started to organize the logistics of the event and to rehearse with all our band mates: Carlos Sanmartin, who is still in the project after 5 years, Fernando Medina, Naoual Dehak, Christophe Angotta, Federico Palacios, François Jean, Hugo Soares, Julien , Olivier Eglinsdoerfer, Rasmus Koch, Jessy Werthle, Tanya Perdigao and myself.

13 Musicians from many different countries: Spain, France, Portugal, Canada, Denmark…


And the 28th of June, 2013, the 1st Edition of Oracle Rocks for Water happened in the Hilt of Malaga, the most amazing experience ever for us all.

After that, many other colleagues joined us year over year: Fabrice Pieyre, Giampiero Graná, Matteo Sassi, Jaime Armesto, Louis Edumond Labate, Belinda Pérez, Adel Djoudi, Simon Levray, Emanuele Niro, Francesco Palanza, Miguel Angel Samra…

Also, we always wanted to support Malaga talent, so we have had some musicians out of Oracle playing with us: Darío Plaza, Antonio Galán, Daniel Perez, Herman Rijks, Jesus Blanco…

And some local bands with us on stage: Los Electroduendes, Fugitivos del Swing, Laynez… This year Ciudadano Fo will share the stage with us.

Many Oracle colleagues have collaborated with us as volunteers: Moade Khan, Enrique Aparicio, Sylvie Laburthe, Eva Quero, Alexandra Rodrigues, Joana Gomes, Alexandre Pardon, Alfonso Gordillo, Axel Serry, Marie Lorraine Giroud, Jose Olalla, Julia Guisado, Veronica Delgado, Pedro Parada…

And many organizations and companies from Malaga wanted to collaborate with Pozos sin Fronteras and Oracle Rocks, as the PTA and Malaga Valley, Discoteca Grupo LICEO, Ticketea, MIMMA Museo de la Música, Museo Automovilístico y de la Moda, NH hoteles, Pasedeprensa Comunicación, La Casa de la Playa Eventos, Copyrap, 99pasos, Estudio de Grabación Las Rocas, Sala 8, Workcenter, Working Media Producciones, El Lagarto Producciones, Alvaro Saura, Liceo Playa, El Bazar del Cineista, el Señor de los Videos, Mantovani Group, ACE Musica, FS Backline, Sala Eventual Music, Upercam, Luis Algoró, Jesus Jaen, Belife Gym, Texum Clinic…

Also, many local media have helped us to spread the world about our Project: Onda Azul TV, 101TV, PTV Malaga, Fuendirola TV, Radio Victoria, Radio COPE…

In parallel, I was learning a lot more about Pozos sin Fronteras, their work, the impact of their actions over people’s life… and started to help them in the communication area and social media.

I felt the world needed to know what these guys were doing with very limited resources but a lot of personal value.

Since then I’m their Responsible of Communication and, from this year, part of the Board of Direction as 2nd Vicepresident of the NGOD Pozos sin Fronteras.


What inspired you to think outside the box and to organize an open charity event, involving not only Oracle staff, but also other employees from the PTA and Malaga society in general?  

780 million people have no access to an improved source of drinking WATER. We WANT to solve this situation… while having fun in the process :)

This is something we need to do together, we are more privileged than many other people in the world, we have to use the resources in our hands to work a little bit and help people in need.

Oracle’s CSR platform is a very well organized structure, allowing any of their employees all over the world to lead a charity project if we wish to. So I’m just using these tools Oracle is providing to do my best.


To sign in front of an audience might be not easy for everyone. What motivates Oracle Workers to participate in such initiative?

First time I was on a stage in front of an audience of 500 people was the 28th of June, 2013, at Gibralfaro Castle. At some point I was trembling so hard that I thought I could not do it.

So I said to myself: you’ve got 2 options, fall down and break out into tears and forget about all of this… or jump on stage and SING FOR WATER and enjoy this magic moment after all the efforts you’ve done.

So I jumped on stage! And enjoyed as never before… Yeah… Being on stage is a mix of nerves and magic... and responsibility, of course, we’re doing this for good…

This is what keeps my motivation. During these 5 years there have been peaks and valleys, challenging times for the project’s continuity, but we’ve managed to keep always going on because we are aware about the impact that our action over the life of many families and children who are not as fortunate as we are.

Every time I go down I just see in my mind the face of little Aïdara, I see how he’s raising in health in Burkina Faso year over year since 2012, happy, attending school and playing with friends, with a future plenty of hope, no more drinking dirty water and getting sick and dying…

We have no idea about the impact of our actions here can change people’s life in Burkina Faso or Bolivia.

But if you want to know more about our motivation, why don’t you ask our Oracle Rocks for Water Band Mates directly? 

This year – 5th Anniversary of Oracle Rocks for Water – we are: Carlos Sanmartin, Jessy Werthle, Fabrice Pieyre, Jaime Armesto, Louis Edumond Labate, Belinda Pérez, Simon Levray, Emanuele Niro, Francesco Palanza, Miguel Angel Samra and myself J


When you look back through this past 5 years, what is your major achievement and what are Oracle Rocks challenges for the future?

My major achievement and pride is my contribution to the charity Pozos sin Fronteras, not only organizing this fundraising event for them, but many others along the year.

And, above all, spreading the word about their work through Social Media. I believe in the power of social network as a tool to raise awareness, educate and above all, as a means of free expression to change the world.

Our actions will make the difference.

Challenge at Oracle Rocks for Water is always the same. Keeping the project going on!

Every year we count with new musicians and vocalists and we are always trying to arrange the rehearsals in the best way, considering we are an international hub, that our musicians come from different countries, that they need to travel frequently… so many factors to be taken into consideration to finally succeed on stage!


Why is it significant for Oracle to be located in the PTA and for Oracle Rocks to take place in Malaga?

For Oracle, Malaga offers a unique combination that makes it a very attractive site for technology companies. A high standard of life, together with a pool of local and international talent around the PTA, and excellent international connections, makes it a city where attracting and developing talent is easier than in other locations. As far as Oracle Rocks is concerned, this initiative was originated in Malaga by a group of Oracle employees volunteering for the project.

From my experience I can say that Malaga is synonym of SOLIDARITY. Thanks to Oracle Rocks I’ve had the opportunity to meet many local charities and individuals who are literally dedicating their lives to help people in need, in many different areas: children, elderly, some specific disease, animals… there are many people with a great heart in Malaga and this is the reason why I call Malaga ‘My Home’ for 6 years now.


As far as Oracle Rocks is concerned, this initiative was originated in Malaga by a group of Oracle employees volunteering for the project.


ORACLE ROCKS for WATER is a Charity Project lead by Oracle Malaga employees, acting as Volunteers, Musicians and Vocalists, organizing Music Concerts and Events to get funds for a charity related to WATER, playing music to grant access to clean WATER to those in need.

In Málaga we support the NGOD Pozos sin Fronteras (Wells without borders) as it is a local charity dedicated to build wells and provide WATER as a basic tool of development to those communities in need, especially in Africa: Burkina Faso, Togo, Morocco, and starting now to work in South America after receiving some requests for help in some specific areas of Bolivia and Colombia.

Know more about the project.  

POZOS SIN FRONTERAS is a non-profit organization founded since December 23, 2003.

PSF's main mission is to provide individuals and communities water as a basic tool to overcome poverty, promoting education and agricultural training as priority development tools.

Currently we are working with private funding, generated by shareholder contributions, donations and events.

It has also decided to opt for public funding to ensure improvement, efficiency and sustainability of projects.

Our work and efforts encompass social participation, awareness of society, sustainable development, solidarity and promotion of human dignity.

Know more about the NGOD Pozos sin Fronteras.https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosa-gomez-de-tejada/