Universities and Science and Technology Parks of France and Spain: key players in the field of research, innovation and transfer


University of Malaga, Conference of Rectors and the Technology Park of Andalucia organized together with the Franco-Spanish University a Symposium focused on the relationship between universities and technology parks

The Conference of Rectors of the Spanish universities (CRUE), the University of Malaga (UMA) and the Technology Park of Andalusia (PTA), along with the Franco-Spanish University (UFE), held the seminar "' science and technology parks and universities", a two day symposium - 23 and 24 May - to share experiences and explore common research, innovation and transfer strategies.


During the two days, first one in the PTA and the second at the Rectorate of the UMA, a plenary  session was held - Tuesday 23 - and 4 round tables - Wednesday 24 – to address topics such as "universities and technology parks in research, innovation and transfer", which brought together experiences from France and Spain; "University research in science and technology parks, and research from technology parks toward universities" and following "table of analysis and foresight"; "Innovation in the current technological stage: the role of universities and scientific and technological parks", and finally the round table 'Transfer for development'.