Mr. Cho Dong-Sung, Incheon National University’s rector, visits the PTA


Incheon National University - PTA Meeting

In the framework of the anniversary of the collaboration UMA-Incheon National University, celebrating 10 years of work together, yesterday we received Mr. Cho, Dong-Sung, Incheon National University’s rector, among other representatives, to celebrate the landmark achieved and look to the future.


UMA-ATECH Office, a bridge with Korea:

This office comes up from a close relation between the University of Málaga and the Incheon National University, when in 2011 they signed an agreement having as an aim to open several offices that represent each one of the universities in each country. From then, “A bridge with Korea” had and exponential growth, and the University of Málaga relies on a big quota of mobility students, a media of 12 Korean universities associated, internship student’s programs in Korean companies, teacher mobility agreements and researchers and a tight knit with technologic Korean companies like Samsung or Incheon Technology Park.