The PTA launches the European project Recycling Business Models


Recycling Business Models

The Technological Park of Andalusia coordinates this project oriented to promote the Circular Economy from European centers of business innovation

Inside the programo of the European Comission ‘H2020’, the PTA had and has an important participation in several technological projects. One of them has been launched this Monday, and it is specialized in the Circular Economy concept and it is called ‘Recycling Business Models’.

As in other European projects, the PTA takes care of all the phases of ‘Recycling Business Models’, from the design, redaction and negociation of the proposals, to the research of collaborators and partners, managing all the stages of the process of the projects: iniciation, planification, execution, control and closure collaborating with other partners.

The next steps of the project, after being launched this week, include an ambicious study of field with the compilation of samples and monitoring of real companies’ cases in the technological hubs of the participant countries.

The Circular Economy, around which ‘Recycling Business Models’ revolves, it is a concept that makes reference to the sustainability of the productive process. The European Comission considers that these principles have a high value in the economy, and tries to promote the consciousness in the society and the implementation of concrete measures that advance that objective.

The Technological Park of Andalusia leads all the functions of coordination of this project, along with the Technological Parks of Johanneberg (Sweden) and Alentejo (Portugal) as partners and over twenty international entities collaborating. The PTA saves a close relationship with the Tecparques, the Portuguese network of technological parks that belongs to the Park of Alentejo. 

Regarding Johanneberg Science Park, its importance in areas related to sustainable development should be highlighted. It was created ten years ago by Chalmers University of Technology Foundation of Gothenburg (the second university of Sweden), this park is specialized in innovation in areas like the environment, the energy and the development of the cities.

With ‘Recycling Business Models’, the PTA confirms the strategic bet for investigation projects that, framed in the European program Horizon 2020, have given a phenomenal boost to the innovative business fabric of the continent since 2014.