PTA Stories... Rolf Zipf - rindus


rindus is a company that provides custom made software development teams and management to costumers in Europe. We talked to Rolf C. Zipf, managing director at rindus.

Managing Director at rindus GmbH.

In PTA since april 2017. Habitec Building | 8 people team.

Why did you come to PTA?

We founded a company in Hamburg about four and a half years ago, DreamIT, that provided software development to a Gibraltar based company who was not able to find software developers around.

We wondered where we could find software development teams faster than in Hamburg, as we were growing, but no fast enough. So we considered moving to somewhere abroad, as Hamburg was too competitive for Employers. We opened an office in Bratislava and by chance we happened to come to Málaga. 

A friend of mine told us “Why don’t you just have a look at Málaga?”. And We had no idea of what it was. Then we saw that there was the PTA, and that it served as a magnet within a diameter of hundreds of kilometres for bright talents, and many well-known companies such as Accenture, Oracle, Ericsson. So we realized that we might be able to find bright people and software developers in Malaga.

First glance

We came to Malaga, talked to a couple of people, found partners and visited the PTA. And we thought ‘why not giving it a try’. It took us 8 weeks to get tour first team here, in 2015, and 4 weeks more to get our second team, and to grow to a total of 40+ people.

That was very successful. In a way, too successful, because we sold DreamIT in 2016 to the main customer.

Then we realized that what we did was something that is very very valuable to German companies: We find exactly the people that match the existent software development organization to our customers.

We on-board those people so we make sure that they understand the software development operations of our customers and that they fit well into these operations.

We lead those people on a long term basis, meaning that we do HR development. We make sure that people not only come to us, but stay with us for a long time, and deliver high performances.

Most German companies who need Software Development Teams understand their business very well, but they have no understanding about how to attract, how to efficiently on-board and how to lead world-class software development teams. That is exactly what we do here at PTA

We focus on people - and the result is world-class technology which is delivered to our customers.     

We do custom-made software development to clients and we focus on finding the right people to do that.

Since when are you here?

Cristo and I arrived in 2015. With rindus we are here since April 2017.

Define your company in one sentence.

We provide world-class software development teams to our customers without our costumers having to understand how exactly that works. They don’t have to know a lot about recruiting, running a development center in Spain, or leading remote software development teams: it is us who provide to our customers all the services needed to successfully build, grow and manage world-class software development teams.

Does the experience in PTA meet your expectations?

It exceeds our expectations. We came here just to give it a try and see if we can find people or not. And we found bright people, very well trained, highly motivated, with excellent technological skills, good knowledge of English… So we felt (and still feel!) like in Paradise. That’s why we came, we stayed, we sold the previous Company and decided to build a new one here.

How is it like to move to Malaga?

Malaga is on the one hand exciting because it is cosmopolite, you have people from the UK, Scandinavian, basically from everywhere. The come and they just love the surroundings, the sun…  It is exciting how cosmopolite the city it is.

On the other hand, it is purely Spanish, you have Spanish lifestyle, the excellent Spanish food, etc.

Where are your team members from?

Most of our team members are from Spain, but some of them are from other countries in Europe and we are open to everyone who fits our criteria.

We have the motivation to make an impact so we want to offer employment to people from this area, which is a such a nice area and it has so good circumstances in terms of talent, thanks to UMA and PTA.