The PTA and the Energy Efficiency Project in Technology Parks ‘Smart Med Parks’, present in the Forum Greencities & Sustainability 2014


The Technology Park of Andalusia S.A (PTA) one more year, is part of the group of collaborating entities of Greencities & sustainability, Smart Solutions to Urban Sustainability, which reaches its fifth edition as one of the reference events within the sector at national level, and which took place last 2nd and 3rd of October in the Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Málaga (Fycma). The Malaga-based Technopolis addressed the European environmental project Smart Med Parks with the aim of increasi

The Technology Park of Andalusia S.A (PTA) was present at the Forum Greencities & Sustainability, Smart Solutions to Urban Sustainability which took place on the 2nd and 3rd of October in the Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Málaga through several actions aimed at the promotion of energy efficiency in building and the development of a specialized business network. PTA along with the Andalusian Institute of Technology presented the European environmental project 'Smart Med Parks' with a round table in the Green Lab room.

The initiative is actually implemented as a pilot project, funded within the framework of the transnational cooperation program Med, which aims to increase energy efficiency in science and technology parks through the creation of a self-sufficient generation and consumption energy model by means of the deployment of Smart Grids.

The European project not only contributes to the sustainable development of science and technology parks, but also proposes to establish a new energy management models based on a low environmental impact, and the promotion of technology innovation and business processes.

The model will be tested in five Science and Technology Parks in Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. This way, the PTA will foster the energy efficiency and renewable energy integration as a key factor for the competitiveness and sustainability of the current economic and social model of its metropolis.

This initiative intends to obtain a diagnosis review of the energy situation of buildings, industrial facilities and support infrastructures in the participating centres as well as to establish a power supply, control and monitoring technologies and mobility processes. Furthermore, the project advocates for the reduction of energy demand and consumption in STPs by implementing these new energy management models.

In order to introduce the Smart Med Parks project a technical seminar was carried out with the participation of technical experts in energy in a round table which discussed this topic on the Friday 3rd of October, with more than 60 participants.

‘Greencities & Sustainability’ Areas

The Forum took place within the same physical space with all its integrated areas, which facilitates the interaction between participants. Thus, the event counted with an area of networking in which several B2B meetings between participants were organized; a Speaker Corner which hosted the ICT & Sustainability Forum and the Forum of Sustainable Cities; the Greencities Classroom, in collaboration with the District Council of de Malaga - with presentations of scientific communications and the Biennale of sustainable building projects, as well as an extensive exhibition area.

In addition, as novelty during this Fifth Edition, a space for the presentation of products and novelties called 'Green Lab' were included, where professionals and technicians were informed about solutions and actions related to construction, material and innovative solutions, rehabilitation, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility.

This call also featured a sample of the 12th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (BEAU) coming to Malaga for the first time. This sample brought 15 awarded works from the competition and the 27 finalists, offering an overview of the current situation of architecture and urban planning in Spain.

Likewise, the second consecutive edition of the TIKAL Forum of Technology, Innovation and Knowledge of Latin America took place in parallel, organized by the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism through the school of Industrial Organization (EOI) and the city of Malaga, and co-financed by ERDF funds. Both events were organized together with the fifteenth edition of the Latin American Meeting of Digital Cities, organized jointly by the City of Malaga and the Latin American Association of Research Centers and Telecommunication Enterprises (AHCIET).

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