The Norwegian Ambassador in Spain visits the PTA


The Norwegian ambassador in Spain , Johan Christopher Vibe , have recently visited the Technological Park of Andalusia (PTA ) accompanied by the director of the Office of Tourism and Commerce in Norway and the director of the Spain – Norway Chamber of Commerce,  where they met with PTA president , José Luis Ruiz Espejo, and the director of the technopolis , Felipe Romera .

This meeting is part of the internationalization strategy of the PTA to strengthen its presence globally, and particularly in the Nordic countries.

The purpose of the meeting , held at the headquarters of the technopolis , has been to strengthen the bonds of cooperation between the two countries through agencies that formed the Nordic delegation.

Spain is an important partner for Norway in Europe and both countries maintain close cooperation in the political, commercial and cultural spheres. Along with promoting the interests of Norway in Spain, the Norwegian Embassy cooperates with Spain on a variety of issues on which both countries have common interests, both in Europe and globally.