The PTA reaches the largest number of jobs in his career


The number of workers in the technopolis reaches 15,472 at the end of 2014, representing an increase of 5.89 % over the previous year

The Technology Park of Andalusia closed 2014 with an increase of 5.89% over the previous year regarding the number of employees. There are 15, 472 workers in total of which 55% are men and 45% are women.

Also the number of companies settled in the park is the same than in the previous year.

In addition, the turnover of the companies from the PTA exceeds 1,500 million euros, maintaining similar figures to 2013. Note that the total turnover since the beginning of the PTA activity has been more than 18.135 million euros.

According with the activity, the Information and Communication Technology sector has the main representation with 33%, generating 59% of the employment within the sector and 49% of the invoice total for the year 2014.

Investment in R&D companies and institutions set up in the PTA during 2014 was more than 69 million euros.

This is due, among others, to the established relationships between companies and the University of Malaga.

In this sense, José Luis Ruiz Espejo, president of the PTA has positively highlighted the commitment of companies in the park for employment. “The PTA has become a reference for large multinational companies, a sign of the commitment of the park for excellence and quality," the president pointed.


The total investment in the construction of the Technology Park of Andalusia since its begging, with respect to the construction of the Park itself and its buildings, as well as the equipment necessary to develop the projects of enterprises and institutions set adds the total amount of 777 million euros.

Regarding the origin of the investment since the beginning of PTA, 600 million euros has been made by private business sector and 177 million euros ​​by public institutions. Therefore, about 23 % are public investment and 77% private investment.


The PTA has started a second wave of innovation with the arrival of multinational companies looking for an increase in the productivity of their business models to better compete in the global market.

Two are the key reasons of this second innovation wave, a larger internationalization of PTA and a close relation with the University of Malaga, much intense to facilitate the transfer of university knowledge between the companies.

“The PTA has worked to develop a joint strategy with the University that promotes growth of global entrepreneurs, a clear example of this new strategy is the implementation of the building” The Green Ray “(The Green Ray) on the expansion of the University Campus of Teatinos, "remarked Ruiz Espejo.

In this building, which started its activities throughout 2013, are already installed important international companies like Samsung, PWC (via Green Economy) or the University of Málaga itself through the 'Link by UMA’


During 2014 we can highlight the commitment of the park for the business clusters initiated in 2013. In this regard, the PTA has been awarded by the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) for the creation and promotion of the Aeronautical Systems Cluster and the Smart City one.

The Aeronautical Systems Cluster counts with 14 companies, including major multinationals working in the aviation sector such as Indra, Raytheon, Aertec, Accenture and Fujitsu, and its main objective is to promote cooperation to enhance their competitiveness in internationals markets in the field of aeronautical systems.

The Clúster Andalucía Smart City and the Digital Economy, aims to create opportunities through collaborative research, development and innovation in the field of technology 'Smart City'.

In addition, last year the International Association of Technology Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) distinguished the PTA in the awards 'Inspiring Solution' for the implementation of the Joint International Strategy Group (IGEC) which brings together various organizations and institutions of Málaga to develop an overview of the presence of the province in the world.

During 2014 the PTA has also reached agreements with technology parks in Skolkovo (Russia) and Tétouan (Morocco), for actions to promote awareness and cooperation in projects and to facilitate the implementation of their firms in any of these spaces.

The PTA has also received visits from the embassies of Iran, Cuba and Belgium, as well as delegations from China, Korea, Russia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Paraguay, Panama and Morocco, interested in learning the development model of the park itself and seek for partnerships.