A virtual reality training session with special guest at GymCraft


On the 7th of October 2016, a delegation made up of former spanish business secretary Cristina Garmendia, german ambassador Peter Tempel and mayor of the town of Málaga Francisco de la Prados visited the Parque Tecnologico de Analucía (PTA). First opened in 1992, the PTA now houses over 600 different companies active in the technology and engineering sector.

One of the delegations’ main goals was the up and coming company GymCraft S.L. Gymcraft is a software- and game development company combining the latter and fitness in a virtual experience. Rowing machines, steppers, cross trainers and treadmills are going to be connected to the software to create and ensure diversified workouts.

When CEO Tilmann Holm and CTO Fabio Chiaramonte unveiled their first product ‘FreeDriverVR’ visitors were astonished. The magic formula includes a virtual reality headset, an ergometer and a PC which altogether result in ‘SUPERPLAY’. It lets you experience and accomplish workouts in stunning virtual environments. ‘FreeDriverVR’ simulates an open world mountain bike adventure which will soon let you race your friends all over the world.

The visitors wanted to get their own hands on the game and used the opportunity to try out an unreleased version of ‘SUPERPLAY’. Whether it’s water, steep mountains, cities or abandoned roads was not just fun to the player but also the viewers gathering around him.

Alongside a broad variety of maps ‘FreeDriverVR’ will let you experience exciting downhill races, massive jumps, time trials and much more.

The interest among the visitors peaked and question were thoroughly answered by Holm and Chiaramonte.