Companies wishing to set up at the PTA must send a letter requesting to do so, accompanied by some basic data on the company and its activity:

  • Promoting company: National/International, foothold in the local, national and global market, turnover, employment, innovative activity, investment in R+D, if any
  • Project: estimated investment, jobs that will be created at the PTA, whether university degrees will be needed for those jobs.
  • Description of the activity they will undertake at the Park: Type of technology to be used, manufacturing technology, level of innovation of the project, resources earmarked for R+D (if so)
  • Project at the Park: areas of activity to undertake in the space (management, administration, sales, R+D, warehousing...)
  • Specific requirements of the space required at the PTA: Open-plan spaces, offices, meeting rooms, logistical (warehousing or other) requirements, telecommunications requirements, etc.
  • Business plan: Years predicted for investment, estimated start date and deadlines for undertaking said investment, growth prospects at the PTA...
  • Collaboration with the University, if any.

The PTA will send you a letter of acceptance or refusal to the Park after reviewing the documentation provided by the Company.
If the decision is positive, conditions for reserving allocated space will be communicated, and the process of applying for grants, the rent or purchase of assigned premises or the purchase of land and construction of buildings, can begin.

The Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía offers a wide range of options for the location of companies wishing to undertake their business project here. Depending on the activity to be undertaken and predicted investment, companies can be directed towards the following:

  • For new companies, or companies that are starting a new project, company incubators offer offices and small units to rent for a limited period (around three years), while also providing business advice and the opportunity to share certain services (photocopying, fax, meeting rooms, support staff, etc..).
  • For companies that, due to their size, activity or financial plan, wish to rent offices, spaces from 20m² can be rented, open-plan and fully-equipped with all the services required to start work (electricity, telecommunications, air-conditioning, etc.).
  • The purchase or rent of industrial units allows any industrial or service activity to be carried out, within those permitted at the Park. This gives companies the chance to set up while avoiding the time needed to construct their own building.
  • Buildings, starting from 150m², are sold part-finished, so the company can finish them according to their needs.
  • Purchase of land or the right to use it and to construct a building on it.
In addition, the Centro Andaluz de Emprendedores [Andalucian Centre for Entrepreneurs] and the University of Málaga have spaces set aside for pre-incubation at the PTA (passage from the idea phase to the creation of the company).