General services

The Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía makes a series of services available to its companies and workers which correspond to their needs within the Park.

Some of the main services offered are:

  • 1. Training  

    To promote the specialized training in order to prepare students and professionals to the specific market needs.

  • 2. Human resources  

    It is aimed both students to improve their formation and professional and enterprises.

    Facilitate the labor market participation of students from the University of Málaga through the development of professional practices in Technology Park of Andalusia companies.

    To help companies in the process of selection of candidates according profile required by the job vacancy. It offers:

    • Managing and spread of job vacancies.
    • Malaga University and Technology Park of Andalusia data base access.
    • Search and selection of candidates.

  • 3. Business innovation  

    Providing insider in scientific and technological fields in theirs business sector:

    • Newsletter for sectors with scientific and technological results.
    • Participation in activities organized by The Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain and The Network of Andalusia technological spaces.
    • Participation in meetings, conferences and business forums organized by the Technological Park of Andalusia and The Malaga University.


    To carry out agreement between The Malaga University and Technology Park of Andalusia companies. Its offers:

    • Search of professional experts
    • Technical and scientific advice
    • Processing of agreements
    • Realization of technical assistance work


    To support cooperation proposal in the local, regional, national and European level.

    To improve the International dimension

    To set up Spanish companies in another countries towards to agreement between Technology Park of Andalusia and other Technologic Parks in the world. This is possible thanks to the softlanding method, it allows the Andalusian companies installed in foreign parks and vice versa.

    Participate in trade missions, meetings with companies and trade delegations programmed by the Andalusia Technology Park and the Malaga University.

    Facilitating access to privileged information such as books and magazines from the library of the University of Málaga.

  • 4. In the field of maturing of technologies  

    To promote the entrepreneurship especially among technologists and doctors to enhance the creation of new businesses. Trough:

    • Analyze the viability of business projects.
    • Investor search.
    • Access to mentors of spin-of companies board.
    • Facilities to the Installation of entrepreneurs in the training center and incubation of Technology Park of Andalusia


    Encourage the installation of national and international companies.

    • Facilitate the settlement of national and international companies in the Technology Park of Andalusia.
    • Encourage their participation in the activities carried out in the PTA-UMA environment
  • 5. In the sphere of scientific-technical dissemination  

    Publishing, dissemination and exchange in any medium of research, educational, cultural and artistic creation work developed by the company together with the University.

    Promote the dissemination of the business entities installed in PTA activity.

    • Edition and dissemination to the media related to the PTA activity.
    • Publishing of news in the social networks an website of PTA, and other media commonly used in PTA, for instance, magazines.

  • 6. Infraestructures

    Telecommunications Networks

    Waste Point

  • 7. Catering, Hospitality and other services   Junta de Andalucía

    Financial services

    Educational Establishments:

    • Nursery Schools
    • International Schools
    • Secondary Schools
    • Business Schools; ESIC Business & Marketing and EOI
  • 8. Urban Conservation Unit   Junta de Andalucía

    Supervision, control and customer services

    Security Services

    Access Control

  • 9. Mobility services   Junta de Andalucía

    Information, parking and public transport


To request any of the services that are offered by the PTA, please contact us via this email:

You can see the general catalogue of PTA services here.