Services for entrepeneurs

The services available at the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía aimed at the collective of entrepreneurs who have set up here include:

  • Business accommodation
  • Advice on creating a business plan
  • Personalised tutoring for companies and entrepreneurs
  • Legal, tax, employment and accounting advice
  • Putting them in contact with other companies and/or entrepreneurs who have set up at the Park in order to help establish co-operation
  • Advice on Internationalisation
  • Information and promotion on aid and funding schemes for R+D+i
  • Searching for public and/or private financing and putting them in contact with investors.
  • Days spent with companies, other entrepreneurs and companies at the PTA.
  • International meetings and missions

Contact details

Dissemination, Training, Projects and Networks Area

C/ María Curie, 35 29590 Campanillas (Málaga)

Phone.: 951 23 13 00
Fax: 951 23 12 39 //