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The PTA's cultural ties

As part of its aim to forge closer links with the city, the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía is developing a project to help workers get closer to the range of cultural activities that Málaga has to offer. It has contacted various cultural entities in the city of Málaga: The Centre for Contemporary Art, Málaga Spanish Film Festival, Fundación Málaga, Museo de Artes Populares [Folklore Museum], Museo Automovilístico [Automobile Museum], Revello de Toro Museum, the Glass and Crystal Museum, the Wine Museum and the Alameda Theatre.

On the 25 of January cultural agreements were signed between the PTA, S.A. and the aforementioned cultural centres, which have agreed to offer a series of benefits to all PTA workers.

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga Festival de Málaga Fundación de Málaga Museo de Artes Populares Museo Automovilístico Málaga Museo Revello de Toro Museo del Vidrio y Cristal Museo del Vino Teatro Alameda