The PTA in numbers


The economic impact made by the PTA on a provincial and regional level has been assessed in a study carried out by Deloitte, the international consulting firm, on the evaluation of the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía. The study yielded the following facts and figures, which reveal that the PTA has an extremely strong presence in the Sistema de Ciencia y Tecnología Andaluz [Andalucian Science and Technology Network], proving it to be one of Andalucia's greatest assets in terms of technology transfer to the region, as well as a springboard for value creation in its surroundings.

The most important data is shown below:

  • The PTA’s contribution to Málaga province’s GDP is between 6.05% and 8.65%, whilst on an Andalucia-wide level it sits at around 1.21% and 1.71%.
  • In relation to the creation and maintenance of jobs, the PTA’s contribution to Málaga province’s population is between 7.04% and 10.05%, whilst on an Andalucia-wide level the park’s contribution sits at around 1.33% and 1.90% of all employment in Andalucia.


Investment in the PTA

Since it began, 790.5 million euros have been invested in the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, in the construction of the Park itself, and in the buildings and equipment necessary to develop the projects of the companies and institutions based there.

Regarding the origins of the investment, 613 million euros have come from private business investment and 177.5 million euros from public investment, that is to say, private investment has been four times greater than public investment.

Companies at the PTA

The evolution of the number of companies and institutions who have made the PTA their home confirms the continued increase in the development of the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía in recent years.  This evolution consolidates the Park’s goal of increasing the technological and economic competitiveness of Málaga and Andalucia, with over 600 companies based there.

Sectors at the PTA

The sectors with the greatest presence at the PTA are: Information Technology (Electronics, Information, Computing and Telecommunications) together with Engineering, Consultancy and Advisory services, accounting for 32.27% of the total number of companies, with these sectors making up 60.14% of employment and 48.22% of turnover in 2015.

Furthermore, this sector (ICTs, Technology Centres and R+D) employs 60% of the workers at the businesses and institutions based at the PTA. The industrial sector employs 10%, Medicine & Health, Energy and Environment account for a total of 7% of workers, and are the sectors occupying second, third and fourth positions in terms of employee numbers. These are followed by: Engineering, Consultancy and Advisory services (6%), Services (4%), Training and Human Resources (3%) and Food and Agriculture and Biotechnology (3%).

Employment at the PTA

PTA employment currently exceeds 16,774 workers.

Turnover at the PTA

The total turnover of the companies based at the PTA exceeds 1,600 million euros. The total turnover since the PTA’s began its activity is greater than 19,760 million euros.