Urban conservation unit

The Urban Conservation Unit, as its own legal entity, has the aim of conserving urbanisation works, and maintaining the resources and facilities of shared services and public areas at the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía.

To achieve this goal, it undertakes the following activities:

Contracts and finances the conservation and development of urbanisation works according to the project in question, with the control of the municipal administration.

Ensures the proper provision of public services to the Technology Park through direct contracting with entities and associated supply companies.

Takes whatever steps may be necessary before any kind of public and private bodies, which serve for set generic conservation objectives and, ultimately, contribute to improving the organisation of shared living.

Contracts specialist companies to provide surveillance services to the Park, including the control of access to the grounds, surveillance of its streets, facilities and shared areas.

Annually drafts and proposes operating budgets, as well as treasury management, membership fees and necessary payments.