Malaga TechPark and the School of Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Málaga launch a joint work plan to promote the attraction of the talent generated in the school

Málaga TechPark - ETSI Informática

Malaga TechPark and the School of Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Málaga have launched a 2021 work plan. This plan includes actions in the Degrees in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Health Engineering and the double degree of Computer Engineering and Mathematics, as well as the university master’s degrees in Computer Engineering and Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence and the Doctorate program in Computer Technologies.

The first of the planned actions is the Training for students of the School in Professional Certifications by the companies of Malaga TechPark, free for the students.

The second action is the Curricular Internship Program, to 4th year students, which facilitates internships in Malaga TechPark companies and their future incorporation into technopolis companies. 125 students and 25 companies participated in the program of the previous course.

Action 3 consists of Master Classes, face-to-face or virtual, which this year will be taught in English too, as well as talks at Hackers Week organized by students of the School. Talks given by companies and professionals from Malaga TechPark will be integrated into the teaching activities of the School to enrich the training of students with contributions from the business sector.

The fourth action is a Shadowing of students in Malaga TechPark companies. It is about first-year students being able to do an immersion of 2 to 4 days in a company with the aim of showing the professional profile of Computer Science and motivating students to develop their professional career in computer engineering.

Finally, there will be an action dedicated to Learning by Projects, which consists of Malaga TechPark companies proposing an innovation project that requires the application of technology to create a prototype. This learning method has had excellent results in the last 10 years, using a real project posed by a company. These activities allow evaluating the ability of students to face real challenges, addressing the problem from different subjects and facilitating that students acquire those soft-skills most valued by companies in the professional curriculum

Malaga TechPark and the School of Computer Science and Engineering have designed an Annual Work Plan 2021-2022 that includes a total of ten actions, among which are also the dissemination of job offers from Malaga TechPark companies among current students and recent undergraduate graduates and postgraduate, Master Classes and collaborations for the Double Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, the opening of professional events to students (meetups, challenges, Technology Vision, etc.), as well as TFE with companies from Malaga TechPark.

The companies of Malaga TechPark are those that will participate in the actions of this Plan. In this way, the park facilitates the attraction of talent for the companies located in it and the students of the School introduce in their training trajectory a knowledge of the professional sector first hand, through direct contact with companies.