Malaga TechPark and University of Malaga create the Digital Transformation Observatory: ‘Digital Eye’

Digital Eye

The general manager of Malaga TechPark, Felipe Romera; the rector of the University of Malaga, José Ángel Narváez; and the vice-rector for Business, Territory and Digital Transformation, Javier López Muñoz, have presented the launch of the Digital Transformation Observatory (Digital Eye) this Monday at The Green Ray space . At the same event, the tenured professor at the University of Malaga, Eduardo Guzmán de los Riscos, was appointmented  as Technical Directorate of that Observatory.

The creation of the Digital Transformation Observatory is promoted by both Malaga Tech Park and the University of Málaga, through the Vice-Rector’s Office for Business, Territory and Digital Transformation, both institutions with extensive experience of successful joint collaboration.

In this context, Digital Eye has been created with the purpose of integrating and concentrating efforts in the field of digital transformation, as well as carrying out functions of dissemination, promotion, training, advice and technological innovation in this area, leading to a better strategic positioning and taking decision-making by companies and institutions with implications for the sector.

The activities developed by the Observatory will focus on four main objectives:

To work as a meeting point to identify future trends, emerging technologies and their impact on the business fabric.
Act as a nucleus that generates valuable information for technological development.
Act as a training point for continuous adaptation to the digital transition.
Actively promote cutting-edge ideas and projects for technological development.

For more information, visit the Observatory website: