Malaga TechPark hosts a training course on Artificial Intelligence

Malaga TechPark hosts the II edition of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) course for unemployed young people under 30 years of age, co-financed by the Malaga City Council, through the National Pole of Digital Content, and the EOI , through the European Social Fund.

The course is taught from 4 pm to 8 pm, with a face-to-face day, which has been established on Wednesday and will last until February. The syllabus is oriented to cover the basic and medium aspects of Artificial Intelligence with a practical and market-oriented approach along with a real perspective on the applicability of artificial intelligence and future trends.

A fundamental feature of this course, directed by Antonia Martín, is that it will be taught by professionals who work every day developing their own technology and implementing it through numerous success stories and who have international awards and recognitions in their baggage. In addition, they come from prestigious Andalusian companies, such as Paythunder, a company that develops artificial intelligence that applies to interactive holograms, robots and analytical chatbots mixed with disruptive payment solutions.

Best fintech in Europe 2017, best business model in Spain (Deloitte, 2020) or best smart city platform in Castilian for the promotion of tourism trade in the world (AMETIC, 2021) are some of the awards that this technology has received with its developments in in recent years with renowned projects, such as holograms in airports and town halls, digital maps or the reactivation of the Canary Islands with a smart tourist card

The course covers several aspects of the development of the main elements of Artificial Intelligence, processes, business models and use cases. The objective of this block is for the student to have a medium-advanced knowledge of the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and be a person with skills that make them position themselves in the market, both as a professional or as a possible entrepreneur.

Similarly, a 20-hour module is included to improve the employability skills of students.

The course contents will start with the basic concepts of this subject and will end with much more advanced units, such as Neural Networks, Python and other programs, until finishing with Voice Assistants, among other materials.

The specific objective of this training is that students will be able to understand and work with the technologies applied by Artificial Intelligence, what it is and where and how to take advantage of the full potential that this tool currently has, as well as prepare students for the evolution of the relationship between people and this technology.