Malaga TechPark joins the APTE initiative to promote technological vocations in female students


The fourth edition of the “Science and Technology in women” program started last Tuesday in numerous technology parks of the national territory by the hand of APTE, the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain.

Malaga TechPark has started a program of activities aimed at secondary education centers in the province of Malaga. The activities are held in The Green Lemon space and will continue on November 3 and 10.

IES María Victoria Atencia has been the first high school to participate, whose students have learned about the trajectories of “Women who changed the world”, an exhibition that covers the work of prestigious scientists and technologists throughout history .

This was followed by a presentation by Beatriz Rodríguez and Pilar López, from the aeronautical company Aertec, based in Malaga TechPark. Both professionals have made a presentation about their experience in this technology company, explaining why they decided to choose a STEM career and what has been its development and application in the labor market.

In addition, workshops on robotics, Arduino programming or 3D printing, among other disciplines have been held. During these workshops, groups have been formed to carry out experimental practices, helping the students to lead projects and develop their teamwork skills.

The second workshop, which dealt with proposals for innovative solutions to social challenges and sustainable development goals (SDG), had the goal of having students define solutions to problems or challenges related to the SDGs. The winning proposal will enter a national competition in which a prize will be awarded to the best project.

At the end of the day, each student has been given the illustrated guide “What do I want to be when I grow up?”, which details the professional opportunities of some of the existing scientific and technological careers and the guide “What are technologies disruptive?”. In addition, the professional motivations and the opinion on the initiative of all the participating students will be collected through a survey.

In this 4th edition of the project, 19 APTE member science and technology parks and secondary education centers from all over Spain participate.

The “Science and Technology in Feminine” program

The program is aimed at students from 1st to 3rd of ESO and will run until April 2022.


The exhibition “Women who changed the world” brings together 31 outstanding women in the history of science and technology. For its part, the exhibition “Women who change the world”, starring women who develop their professional activity linked to science and technology in the environment of the participating science and technology parks, adds 18 new profiles in this edition and already adds a total of 134.

Illustrated guides

The illustrated guide “What do I want to be when I grow up?” provides examples of some of the STEM study career outlets. For its part, the document “What are disruptive technologies?”, created for this new edition in collaboration with the Spanish Technological Platform for Disruptive Technologies (DISRUPTIVE), aims to make visible the 5 technologies that the platform focuses on, as well as provide some examples of possible career opportunities related to these areas.


The project also encourages all students to participate in the contest “Innovative proposals to the challenges for sustainable development” by submitting proposals for actions that science and technology parks can carry out to contribute to the sustainable development goals (SDG) proposed by the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

All the details of the initiative, as well as the programs of the conferences that start from today in the different science and technology parks can be consulted on the project website: -feminine