The Malaga TechPark Execs Club analyzes how to train professionals to meet the demand in technological and electronic areas with the Regional Government

The Malaga TechPark Execs management club held a meeting with the regional Minister of Employment, Training and Self-Employed Job, Rocío Blanco, and the General Director of Vocational Training for Employment, Joaquín Pérez Blanes.

The objective of the meeting has been to analyze the demands that companies currently have in the different technological fields that they develop and how the training programs that are being carried out by this Regional Ministry on Vocational Training for Employment could fit in, and how they could be adapted to the content that companies demand.

In this way, the counselor Rocío Blanco explained that her counseling has managed to reactivate the VT for Employment, through a new public tender system which replaces the subsidy model. In this sense, Blanco explained that this new training adapts quickly to the demands of the productive sector, which is why this type of meeting with specific sectors is essential, “which allows us to design training tailored to what the companies need ”.

The managers club launched in 2020 promotes collaboration between the main companies and entities linked to Malaga TechPark, includes strategic sectors of our economy related to clusters or working groups of the park, such as aerospace or rail incorporates the large operators closely linked to the technopolis from its origins and in its development, the large corporations, the second generation of entrepreneurs, large employers, the pioneers and founders of the IDEA Association, the innovation networks located in the park and the University of Malaga, key to the development of all the companies that comprise it.

More than a year after its creation, Malaga TechPark Execs has served to strengthen the park’s ecosystem through its companies, promoting talent and R & D & I projects and strengthening the links between the companies that comprise it.

The club, which is promoted and coordinated by the park’s management, is made up of fifty business leaders, including the CEOs and senior executives of the following companies: Accenture, ADIF, Aeorum, Aertec. Air liquide, ANCES, Anovo, APTE, Arelance, Bukit, Cardivais, CGI, Dedalus, Dekra, DHV, Endesa, Ericsson, Euronutra, EY, Fernández y Canivell, Fujitsu, General Elevadores, Google, Grupo Premo, Grupo Top Digital, IASP, Ingenia, Keysight, LDA, Lynka, Mades, Minsait by Indra, Montero, Alimentación, Opplus, Oracle, Orange, Predictiva, PwC, TDK, Tedial, Telefónica, Torsa, Tupl, UMA, ViewNext, Vodafone España, CaixaBank, Hispasec, Freepik y Talan.