Málaga TechPark, towards a circular city

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Malaga TechPark will become in 2027 the first urban space to implement a Circular City paradigm of the future in a real environment that will be eco-efficient, renewable, innovative and digital.

To make this project a reality, Málaga TechPark, Málaga City Council, Endesa and the entities located in our park will act through public-private partnership mechanisms. The project is open to the participation of others.

Áreas de trabajo


The eCityMalaga project will be the first urban prototype to apply circular energy criteria. Energy generation and consumption will become a benchmark in efficiency through the use of locally distributed resources, the development of renewable energy, further electrification and flexible platforms that promote local energy communities.


The project is committed to sustainable mobility: Electric, connected and shared. The project will also develop a sensorised urban infrastructure to build a city platform that provides facilities for citizens and information to improve the efficiency.


Water, wooded areas and waste management are key to making eCityMálaga a reality. Water treatment for irrigation will be modernised, the park will triple its wooded area and waste will be reduced by 50%, doubling the current recycling rates.


Thanks to eCityMálaga, the park will be a model of smart city management. Digital platforms will integrate services such as street lighting. These platforms will be able to cover areas such as operational processes, logistics, air quality and even connected vehicles for traffic management.

Ayuntamiento de Málaga