Innovation HUB

DIH Technology Park of Andalusia

The Technology Park of Andalusia Innovation Hub involves an ecosystem that includes SMEs, major companies, start-ups, researchers and incubators, the purpose of which is to provide the best infrastructures and services to help enhance companies’ competitivity concerning their business and production processes and their products and services, using digital technology.

Education, training and developing digital skills: designing courses and training activities on digital technology together with the University of Malaga:

  • Masters in Big Data
  • Blockchain university expert
  • Málaga TechPark-UMA summer courses in disruptive technology Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and Blockchain…
  • APTEFORMA: Online training platform with content relating to disruptive technology in a business environment, such as: Blockchain, Cyber Security, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Smart Cities, Edge Computing, Augmented Reality, Big Data and 3D Manufacturing and Printing

Coordination of clusters and groups of businesses and entities around these technologies:

  • Blockchain cluster
  • Artificial Intelligence Cluster
  • Big Data & Machine Learning cluster
  • Cyber Security cluster
  • Aeronautic Systems cluster
  • Railway-technology cluster
  • Connected vehicle cluster

Validation and testing services and infrastructures (DIH skills centre)

Supercomputing and Bio-Innovation centre of the University of Málaga (UMA):
Providing scientific support and resources to UMA research groups, public institutions and private companies, particularly in the fields of IT, nano and biotechnology.

Picasso supercomputer
Focused on cutting-edge research and technological development of the highest quality.

Andalusian Institute of Advanced Automation and Robotics (IA3R):
Institute for technological development and innovation promoted by UMA, dedicated to the fields of advanced automation and robotics.

Andalusian Centre for Nanomedicine and Biotechnology (BIONAND):
Space for outstanding research in nanomedicine Its equipment and services cover these three areas: Nanodiagnostics, therapeutic Nanosystems and regenerative Nanomedicine.

DEKRA connected-vehicle trials area:
DEKRA has a self-driving vehicle test circuit at Málaga TechPark. This installation recreates how systems operate and behave in real-life mobility situations. This includes both simulated and real vehicles and infrastructures, as well as replicas of elements interacting with devices during trials. This provides an ideal environment for R&D trials, pre-testing and certification trials.

R+D laboratory for testing 5G solutions and V2X vehicle technology backed by Telefónica and DEKRA:
The centre provides interested companies with a complete testing environment for validating devices, applications and services that enhance connected driving with 5G solutions and V2X vehicle technology.

It includes an outdoor test area of 51,000 m² for Spanish mobile telephone frequencies and a screened chamber, the only one in Europe, for international ones.

Adif Railway Technology Centre (CTF):
Based at Málaga TechPark, the Railway Technology Centre (CTF) was envisaged as an open space for boosting innovation and business cooperation focused on developing railway technology through R&D&I projects. It has laboratories specialising in next-generation technology, where new systems can be tested and developed, and current ones further enhanced.

From its headquarters at Málaga TechPark, the Research Results Transfer Office (RRTO) has the task of identifying which results generated by the University of Málaga’s research groups might be of interest to companies. It also undertakes communicating and facilitating the transfer of these results to companies; collaborating in contract negotiations and agreements governing collaborations between research groups and companies; and encouraging research groups to take part in European projects, offering technical support and advice on devising and presenting proposals.

PCT “BLOCKPCT” Blockchain network

BLOCKPCT offers companies an independent and private Blockchain network featuring apps that help deploy Blockchain based operations, such as managing transferable value for building new markets, developing gamification strategies, or enabling various entities’ financial reconciliation procedures.