Agrifood4future – Erasmus Plus

The European project Agrifood4future focuses on the development of competences in Vocational Education and Training and the creation of educational programmes addressing the needs of the “agriculture of the future”.

By bringing together strategic factors at academic, research and business level from several European regions with a tradition in the agri-food sector, the project aims at establishing centres of vocational excellence able to respond to existing and emerging needs in the sector, while focusing on the key priorities of the sector: digitisation, decarbonisation and sustainability.

The project partners are:

AgroParisTech – (France)

Building Global Innovators – (Portugal)

Akmi (Greece)

Pole Valorial– (France)

INAGRO – (Belgium)

Agenso (Grecia)

ARVALIS Institute – (France)

University of Applied Sciences – (Belgium)

ELGO Research Centre (Grecia)

CUMA– (France)

BGT Consulting Group – (Bélgica)

European Association of Vocational Training Institutes (Germany)

Agrifood Clust-ER – (Italy)

Málaga TechPark – (Spain)

BK Consult (Germany)

Sacro Cuore Catholic University (UCSC) – (Italy) Project Coordinator

GreenUPorto – Sustainable Agrifood (Portugal)

Colab – Food4Sustainability– (Portugal)

Instituto Portugues Da Qualidade – (Portugal)

FEMAC – (Spain)

Trama Tecnoambiental – (Spain)

Phorma Mentis – (Italy)

CESUR – (Spain)