Four new companies join Malaga TechPark Execs


Málaga TechPark Execs, the Club of Executives and Entrepreneurs of the Malaga technopolis, has increased its number of members after the adhesion of CaixaBank, Hispasec, Freepik and Talan. The meeting at which these incorporations have been constituted has taken place within the framework of the Greencites and S-Moving forum, which has been celebrated at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga (FYCMA).

The companies joining Málaga TechPark Execs are leaders in their respective sectors of activity: CaixaBank is one of the largest banking entities in Spain; Hispasec was one of the pioneering companies in cybersecurity and today it leads innovation in this field; Freepik, a local case of extraordinary success which was born as a startup to become the main bank of graphic resources in the world; and Talan is a French multinational specialized in disruptive technologies of the future.

This Manager’s Club promotes collaboration between the main companies and entities linked to Málaga TechPark, including the strategic sectors of our economy related to the clusters or working groups of the park, such as aerospace or rail; it incorporates the large operators closely linked to the technopolis from its origins and in its development, to large corporations, the second generation of entrepreneurs, large employers, the pioneers and founders of the IDEA Association, the innovation networks located in the park; and the University of Malaga, key to the development of all the companies that make it up.

More than a year after its creation, Málaga TechPark Execs has served to strengthen the ecosystem of the park through its companies, promoting talent and R&D projects and strengthening the links between the companies that form it.

The club, promoted and coordinated by the park’s management, is made up of fifty business leaders, including the CEOs and senior executives of the following companies: Accenture, ADIF, Aeorum, Aertec. Air liquide, ANCES, Anovo, APTE, Arelance, Bukit, Cardivais, CGI, Dedalus, Dekra, DHV, Endesa, Ericsson, Euronutra, EY, Fernández and Canivell, Fujitsu, General Elevadores, Google, Grupo Premo, Grupo Top Digital, IASP , Ingenia, Keysight, LDA, Lynka, Mades, Minsait by Indra, Montero, Food, Opplus, Oracle, Orange, Predictiva, PwC, TDK, Tedial, Telefónica, Torsa, Tupl, UMA, ViewNext, Vodafone Spain.