Málaga TechPark is born

Logo Malaga TechPark

Málaga TechPark, the new brand of Andalusia Technology Park

The Andalusia Technology Park has grown since its launch to become an international benchmark space. A source of talent that is projected to the world.

As an epicenter of technological innovation, ‘Málaga TechPark’ is presented under a totally innovative and updated brand personality. This brand is closer to the city and offers new tools for the international projection of the Andalusian innovation ecosystem.

This is how Málaga TechPark expresses itself

Málaga TechPark is a new value for to our present and future. A brand that defines us better and connects better with our community.

Our brand is ready to run in different uses and contexts, true to its essence. Málaga TechPark links its image to the strategic projects that the park is carrying out, framed on a dynamic and strongly identifiable visual universe.