eCityMálaga launches the first Circular Economy Academy located at a technological industrial facility in Spain


  • This ambitious initiative looks to educate the companies of Málaga TechPark on this new economy model, so they can then apply it on their everyday. 
  • Companies that sign up will receive a free course of 30 hours. teached by the University of Malaga, with talks by experts from private and public entities like Cosentino, TDK, Endesa or Malaga’s Town Hall.

eCityMalaga powers the first academy that focuses on circular economy in a technological industrial facility in Spain. This free course is financed by Endesa, and it’s created with the companies of Malaga TechPark in mind. They will be able to receive 30 hours of classes based around this new sustainable economy model.

This course will be taught by the University of Málaga, UMA, which has an extensive experience on projects related to sustainability and circular economy. During this course, people that sign up will receive a well-rounded number of classes that will enable them to then use what they have learned in their daily jobs and tasks, helping achieve the goals of eCityMálaga, a project that aims to transform Málaga TechPark into the first sustainable urban space, with a circular efficient city model that is 100% digital and renewable. 

To reach these goals, the classes will be more practical than theoretical, touching key subjects like new circular business models, financing, rules, ecodesign and other circular surroundings teached by the UMA. In addition, each of these modules will have special speakers from first-line private and public companies like Cosentino, TDK, Endesa and Malaga’s Town Hall. They will help broaden the existing information and offer their professional expertise. 

The eCityMálaga Circular Economy Academy will take place on the 5th,6th,18th,19th,25th and 26th of October from 9am to 2pm in the grounds of Málaga TechPark. The companies that look to take this opportunity to receive a free course on the new economy model that has a greater weight on our society everyday, cam sign up via this sheet or this email until September 20th:

About eCityMálaga

The eCityMálaga project aspires to turn Málaga TechPark into the first sustainable urban space with a circular city model in mind, 100% renewable and digital. 

Málaga TechPark will aim to achieve the challenges set by the Goals of Sustainable Development,making this a top leading space of technological innovation, as well as a reference fur sustainability looking into 2027, going ahead on over two decades of the climate and energy goals set by the United Nations for 2050. 

To make this project a reality, eCityMálaga has the support of numerous companies in the facilities, all of them from the public and private environment, and powered by Endesa, Málaga TechPark and Málaga’s Town Hall.