Idneo inaugurates new facilities in Málaga TechPark

  • The Spanish engineering consultancy has inaugurated new offices in the Railway Technology Center located in Málaga TechPark

As has been the case in recent months, Málaga TechPark continues to add new companies and a greater presence of those already existing in the park. In this sense, one of the latest companies that has decided to increase its presence in the technopolis has been the engineering company Idneo, which has recently opened new, more spacious and modern facilities at its headquarters in Málaga TechPark.

Idneo is a global strategic design and engineering firm for the conceptualization and development of innovative products and services in areas such as automotive, digital health, industrial products and consumer electronics. As a result of its level of specialization, Idneo has already obtained several awards in different countries in the field of design and applications, cloud solutions or Artificial Intelligence.

The company settled in Málaga TechPark in 2019 and since then, it has been expanding its facilities according to its needs. From Málaga, Idneo supports the technical area of ​​the company, carrying out software development and validation work thanks to a specialized team that is currently in the process of growth.

The new Idneo facilities are located in the ADIF Railway Technology Center, situated in Severo Ochoa Street at Málaga TechPark. This open and multidisciplinary innovation space is also the headquarters of the Railway Innovation Hub cluster, a place that, like the whole of Málaga’s technopolis, is an example of synergies between different companies that work in a network and contribute to economic growth and to employment by promoting technological innovation.

Currently, Idneo has a team of 20 people which is bound to expand over the next year, confirming Idneo’s commitment to Málaga’s growth and the development plan in the park. The new offices have larger spaces that offer the possibility of incorporating more resources.