Innova IRV participates in a project to optimise energy communities with Artificial Intelligence

  • It is a pioneering initiative to digitalise all processes related to the “new ways” of generating, using and managing energy in the local area
  • Innova IRV takes part in this project together with the consortium composed of Smart City Cluster, Logikers, Top Digital and the University of Málaga

The Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation Foundation (Innova IRV) together with the consortium composed of Smart City Cluster, Logikers, Top Digital and the University of Málaga participate in the CENIT project. This project implements a series of tools aimed at optimising energy communities with Artificial Intelligence

In fact, the main goal of this project is to create and develop a digital platform that enables to digitalise all processes related to energy communities, all by using a Cloud-based tool and by applying Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. 

As a result of this project, basic technologies that enable the main processes of a digital platform of energy community management have been developed and validated, such as the estimation and maximisation of production capacity; the optimal and efficient distribution of energy among the project’s members, adapted to energy consumption dynamics; secured legal and economic transactions; and energy storage based on real/virtual power banks. 

The result of the project’s first stage is a set of tools that enable the analysis of satellite images to estimate production and to collect and store data in a centralised platform, as well as to establish optimisation models for energy exchange and storage.

All tools have been validated with synthetic data, generating more than 7,000,000 data records thanks to artificial intelligence models, which has led to the creation of a robust data platform whose data are open to all project collaborators. 

The CENIT project has been developed within the “Proyectos de Tecnologías Digitales de la Convocatoria de Ayudas a las Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras 2022b (AEI)” (“Digital Technologies Projects of the call to tender for the grants programme to support Innovative Business Groupings 2022b (IBG)” by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

CENIT 2.0 

CENIT 2.0 will be launched in the coming months as a continuation of this first project, making improvements to it and increasing research in the provision of energy services to other agents in the supply chain; in the generation of a reference framework for the kWh tokenization in industry; in the image and Artificial Intelligence analytics and in the Cloud Architecture based on Big Data and Machine Learning. 



The Ricardo Valle Institute of Innovation Foundation (Innova IRV) in Málaga is the first node of a national network of top-level business innovation clusters promoted by AMETIC. 

This model, inspired by the German Fraunhofer Institute, is developed to boost competitiveness, to attract investment and to encourage the creation of tech-based companies. 

The Foundation is promoted by Málaga City Council, the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian regional government), through the Consejería de Universidades, Investigación e Innovación (regional Ministry of Universities, Research and Innovation), Miramar Group, Sando Foundation and Mayoral. 

Innova is composed of collaborating entities such as Accenture, Aeorum, Aertec, Agencia Digital de Andalucía (Digital Agency of Andalusia), Ametic, Bic Euronova, Dekra, Diputación de Málaga (Málaga Provincial Council), Endesa, Ericsson, Esesa, Famadesa, Google, Málaga TechPark, Orange, Premo, Simón, Tinámica, Top Digital, Trops, Tupl, University of Granada, University of Málaga, Unicaja, University of Seville, Vodafone, Telefónica, CSG Ingeniería, Iturri and Smart Health TV Solution. 

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