Málaga TechPark and the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, in Ecuador, sign an agreement to develop joint actions in innovation and entrepreneurship

  • The agreement includes a commitment to support exchange and contacts between the business networks of both parties
  • Both institutions have agreed to support the installation of Spanish companies in the southern region of Ecuador and Ecuadorian companies in Spain through a soft-landing approach

Málaga TechPark has signed an agreement with the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (Ecuador) to establish partnerships and develop cooperation between both parties through common activities and projects in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship.

By signing this agreement, the two institutions have committed to supporting the exchange and contacts between their business networks, including entrepreneurial training and the exchange of best practices.

On the other hand, they have agreed to support the installation of Spanish companies in the southern region of Ecuador and Ecuadorian companies in Spain, through a soft-landing approach that includes:

  • Access to networking groups and recruitment initiatives provided by organisations in both countries.
  • Assistance in interacting with national, regional and local government agencies.
  • Assistance in interacting with research, development and promotion agencies.
  • Access to universities in both countries and other higher education institutions.
  • Assistance with the objective of bilateral economic and technological development, which may also include:
    • Soft-landing services that address special advisory and legal consulting, market analysis, strategic planning, business opportunity/risk mapping, assessment of the region’s economic potential and industry development, legal landscape, and municipal, state and government tax incentives.
    • Temporary use of space for start-up companies in both parks.
    • Support in the recruitment of qualified labour to operate in the companies that will be installed in both parks.
    • Support for research, development and innovation projects in partnership with universities, their research groups and laboratories.

Both parties are committed to elaborate action plans to identify specific areas of common interest and activities and projects to be implemented.

About the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja

UTPL is a centre of higher education with 44 years of experience in higher education, educational administration and distance training of professionals in the different branches of university education.