OPPLUS opens its Training Campus in Málaga TechPark

  • Carolina España, minister for Economy, Finance and European Funds and president of Málaga TechPark, pointed during the presentation of the new OPPLUS Campus that “we are changing Andalusia hand in hand with companies”
  • The campus is 750 square metres and is distributed in training and computer rooms, coworking spaces, resting areas and a high-capacity room.

The campus has a capacity of approximately 400 people and has a fresh, modern and original design, distinguishing itself from the main offices with the aim of disconnecting from the work environment while training.

With 100% of digitalised classrooms with the latest teaching technology, OPPLUS is expanding its training catalogue with 60 new subjects divided into five training areas: internal training, skills, leadership, methodologies and training experiences. Furthermore, as a company at the cutting edge of new technologies, it will use the metaverse in order to provide a complete training experience for remote training options.

By doing that, OPPLUS has created a space for knowledge and for the personal and professional development of its employees, as well as being a meeting point for other companies in the area. The Ágora Hall, with a capacity of 150 people, is the perfect place to promote the interaction between internal and external professionals that enrich the local area.

Carolina España, minister for Economy, Finance and European Funds of the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian regional government) and president of Málaga TechPark, was in the event, who pointed that “we are changing Andalusia hand in hand with companies”. “We can change a city, a community and a country through training and employment”, explained the president of the park.

“Promoting knowledge is promoting the future”, she added. “It is important to have a stronger, more dynamic and competitive economy that results in the employment, new opportunities, the wealth, the progress and the welfare of the people from Málaga and Andalusia.”

The minister referred to OPPLUS as one of the most capable companies in Málaga TechPark to create employment. It has more than 2,500 workers and, after 15 years in the park, “it takes a step forward and shows its commitment to training by opening this new campus”, highlighted the minister.

The minister celebrated the opening of the OPPLUS training centre and pointed that both the company and Málaga TechPark “are growing and bringing investment, employment and wealth to the province of Málaga, which is now a national and international benchmark in the technology field.”