PTA, S.A. marks 30 years since being founded

Over these three decades, the Technology Park of Andalusia has emerged as a benchmark in innovation and entrepreneurship both nationally and internationally. The park is now facing new challenges with the Coronavirus health crisis.


It was 1990 when the Technology Park of Andalusia was launched in Malaga.

The park’s management company was founded on 20 April of that year, exactly 30 years ago.

Two years later, the park was opened as a site for technology companies, strategically located in the Guadalhorce Valley.

From the outset, the PTA’s corporate purpose has been to attract and advise companies and entities involved in research, innovation and unique production of applied technology. The articles of association of the Technology Park of Andalusia as a limited company attached to the public sector partly account for its strategic role in the region’s development, highlighting among its objectivesits eagerness to create an ecosystem conducive to helping encourage and modernise Andalusia’s business network.

The park’s initial share capital was €240 thousand, and the Andalusian Regional Government and Malaga Municipal Council participated in its shareholding. They would later be followed by Unicaja and the University of Malaga.

Today, the PTA has a share capital of €38.9 million and a net equity of €65.3 million. The 646 companies currently present at the park have an annual turnover of over €2,000 million, employing almost 20,000 people. Thirty-four percent of this employment is generated by foreign companies located at the PTA, highlighting the park’s international nature.

The situation triggered by the Coronavirus health crisis poses new challenges in all areas of society, clearly also in terms of business. In this regard, it noteworthy that PTA companies are demonstrating their remarkable capacity to adjust, as well as a social utility in the search for solutions for tackling the pandemic and its outcomes.