The Malaga TechPark-based company Torsa plans to expand its technology into Asia and North America

The Andalusian foreign sector has demonstrated its competitiveness as an engine of economic growth. Now more than ever, Andalusia remains one of the most exporting communities in Spain, with exports of more than 27,832 million in 2020, and a trade surplus of 3,159 million euros.

Internationally successful Andalusian companies such as Torsa, an innovative company from Malaga that offers technological solutions to its clients, mainly in the mining and industrial logistics sector, are responsible for this strength.

With more than two decades of experience, Torsa has become a national reference, with a strong international presence, developing anti-collision systems, vibration measurement, shipment quality assurance systems or industrial awareness.

Torsa’s main objective is to continue growing in the coming years, through the development of new innovative products and the entry into new markets in Asia and North America.

Torsa emphasizes its adaptability and customization as the main keys to business differentiation. Its major competitors are multinationals that offer standardized products and services, while at Torsa they configure customized developments according to the customer’s needs. For this reason, R&D has been and continues to be a basic pillar of its growth.

The company, with a strong exporting vocation, has established international relations since its beginnings. Its main operation was its first project, specifically for a large mining company in Peru, which led to significant growth and even to the creation of its only international delegation in this country.

Currently, 50% of Torsa’s turnover comes from projects in foreign markets, mainly in Latin America, for the mining sector, and in Europe, for the pharmaceutical sector.