The companies Byevolution and Datlight, both located in Málaga TechPark, present Command Centre 4.0 in FEINDEF

  • FEINDEF is the only fair in Spain from the Defence and Security sector with the institutional support of the Ministry of Defence, an exhibition to be held in Madrid on May 17th, 18th and 19th.

Command Centre 4.0 is the most advanced solution for the creation of fully cyber-secure command posts, with wireless communications and without producing electromagnetic emissions, eliminating man-in-the-middle cyberattacks, and with data transmission encapsulation in portable blockchain-certified pods that ensure their originality and inviolability, therefore preventing phishing, smishing and other equally damaging cyberattacks on security from happening. 

The NDL (Neural Distributed Ledgers) technology by Byevolution Creative Factory provides the digital layer of data encapsulation, certification and integrity, a disruptive technology for the development of the web 3.0 and the Internet of Value, in which the private property and trusted markets are protected from external threats and authenticity problems that are produced by the Artificial Intelligence. 

Moreover, the LiFi technology provides the physical security layer and the secure connectivity, using the light spectrum, which Datlight has been researching on for the last five years. LiFi does not use the electromagnetic spectrum and does not interfere with radio frequency signals, thus making it undetectable and turning any tent into a Faraday cage that prevents internal communications from being intercepted.

Ramón Cano, CEO of Byevolution, and Covadonga Fernández, CEO of Datlight, have expressed their satisfaction at having presented a product that meets the essential needs of all armies in today’s technological world. The product is the result of numerous months of cooperation and hard work by these two companies from Málaga.

About Byevolution

Byevolution Creative Factory invented and developed the Neural Distributed Ledgers (NDL) ® technology for the Internet of Value and for the Web 3.0, aiming to enable the construction of private data platforms by using a cost-effective, decentralised, efficient and sustainable development data architecture that stops major Internet threats such as spam, ransomware, phishing and other cyberattacks. NDL ARCA and NDL ARCANET by Byevolution overcome the limitations of public ledgers (DLT) and place the data of users at the heart of private data platforms. For more information, please visit or contact

 About Datlight

DATLIGHT is a Deep Tech company dedicated to LiFi Solutions & R&D Laboratory, research, innovation and application of technologies that enable data transmission through light, VLC / LIFI (Visual Light Communications / Light Fidelity), developing LIFI and VLC-based connectivity solutions.

Products such as LiFi Office or LiFi Stealth have made Datlight a benchmark in a still emerging and booming sector. For more information, please visit or contact