The company Predictiva in Malaga, based in the building The Green Ray by PTA-UMA, is distinguished nationally as an Innovative Technology-Based Company

  • The EIBT brand awarded by ANCES and recognised by the Ministry of Industry distinguishes the company Predictiva, experts in Artificial Intelligence.

The Malaga-based company Predictiva, based in The Green Ray by PTA-UMA building, has obtained the EIBT mark, an accreditation recognised by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and granted by the National Association of Spanish BICs (in Spanish Asociacion Nacional de CEEIs Españoles (ANCES)). 

The award ceremony of the EIBT brand to Predictiva was held this morning at BIC Euronova – European Business and Innovation Centre of Malaga, with the presence of Juan García, CTO and CPO of Predictiva, accompanied by part of his technical team. The mark was handed over by Alvaro Simon De Blas, President of ANCES and General Director of BIC Euronova, who pointed out that awards like this “give even more value to Malaga’s leading companies in different productive sectors”, praising Predictiva’s activity as a benchmark in Artificial Intelligence. “An excellent example of Malaga’s business network at the forefront of technology-based innovation”.

The EIBT mark, which on this occasion has distinguished Predictiva as an Innovative Technology-Based Company, is a distinction that recognises those companies operating in one of the high-tech sectors that invest in R&D above the average for their sector and also have an innovative product.


Predictiva is a company founded in 2016, based in Malaga city with a team of 27 people. It develops solutions based on machine learning, understanding and processing of natural language and computational linguistics to help companies make better decisions in the relationship they have with customers.

Upbe is the solution, a Conversational Intelligence platform that automatically, massively and scalably structures and categorizes the information contained in telephone conversations between customers and companies. Upbe puts this data to good use and enables companies to better understand and serve their customers by improving their customer experience and retention strategies.

Predictiva, whose main market is Spain, is continuously growing in other markets, especially in Latin America. Commercially, having the best ASR in Spanish, they focus on Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, which are the most important markets in Latam.

 29 Malaga companies with the EIBT brand

29 companies from Malaga have been recognised with the EIBT brand in the province of Malaga: Entersoftweb, Ihman, Naoset Sistemas, Netblue Ingenieros, Enercome, Arpa Solutions, Centro Mediterraneo de Fotobiologia, Nerea, Aquaculture Solution Biotech, Probio, Ingelabs, Brain Dynamics, Stockholm Precision Tools, Pesyr R&D, Agrolaboratorios Nutricionales, Torsa Clock, Melomics, DHV Technology, Eneso, Métrica6, Aganova, Next Generation Rail Technologies, Tupl, Aeorum, Byevolution, I+Db Accoustic, eMarset, WeVoice and now Predictiva.   Of the 29 Malaga companies honoured, 9 are SPIN-OFF awards from the University of Malaga, which demonstrates the close links between the University and the creation of companies in Malaga. Furthermore, 13 of these companies have been incubated at the European Business and Innovation Centre of Malaga, BIC Euronova.


EIBT (Empresa Innovadora de Base Tecnologica)

The EIBT brand, led by ANCES and supported by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, was launched in 2001 to support the creation and consolidation of Innovative Technology-Based Companies in Spain. This brand counts on BIC Euronova, the European Business and Innovation Centre of Malaga, as a local node since its inception, which is working with the aim of boosting the technological network of the province, promoting employment through the creation of companies that generate added value, strengthening the mechanisms that serve as a bridge between research and business innovation and systematizing a working methodology for all CEEIs. Since 2018 APTE (in Spanish Asociacion de Parques Cientificos y Tecnologicos de España) also collaborates in the dissemination of the brand among companies based in Spanish Technology Parks. 

BIC Euronova is the headquarters of the National Association of Spanish BICs (in Spanish Asociación Nacional de CEEIs Españoles (ANCES)) since 2009, has continuously supported innovative companies in Malaga in obtaining the EIBT brand, in its work as a local partner of the project.